Amae shoot



I was able to shoot for one of my all time favorite kids clothing lines, Amae.  The owner Stacie hand sews each piece of clothing to perfection and you can tell each item is made with love.  She’s got unreal style and is a mom on top of running her own business.  She’s the ultimate mom-boss!

We had so many unbelievable little models and stylist, Mari Spiker, that made my job a cinch!



Esby Apparel

image1 (3)

Rose top in Camel and Lucia Pant in Camel


Melissa: @melissasonico wearing Rose Top in Natural and Lucia Pant in Camel

Erin: @calivintage wearing Rose Top in Camel and Lucia Pant in Natural

image1 (2)

Geneva: @cosmicamerican wearing  Lucia Seamed Ankle Pant in Camel

I don’t post outfits too often but when I do, you know it’s going to be good!  I like to make sure I’m letting you guys know about the best quality clothing and companies that I believe in, that’s why I’m here to tell you about Esby Apparel.  I’ve teamed up with some of my favorite ladies to bring you an assortment of ways we wear our Esby Rose Tops and Esby Lucia Seamed Ankle Pants.

I’ve been wearing their Lucia Seamed Ankle Pant as if they are the only pants that I own.  They’re so incredibly comfortable and FLATTERING!  If I find a good pair of pants that are flattering AND comfortable, I practically wear them until they have holes.  They also have an assortment of amazing pieces and these items are made with lots of love because they are so incredibly durable.  Be sure to check them out–you’ll be so happy you did!

Happy Shopping, friends!


Little Girls Hair Tutorial Episode 3 — Twist to a bun

Hair Ep. Photos-1Hair Ep. Photos-2Hair Ep. Photos-4

We’re so excited to be back with our third hair tutorial!  Remember that if you have any questions be sure to let me know in the comments below!

Paige + Milo

Little Girls hair tutorial Episode 2 — the twisted piggys

What you need:

Elastic Hair Ties


Hi guys!  We are back with our second little girls hair tutorial!  This one we call The Twisted Piggy’s because well, you will see for yourself!

Once you get the hang of this hairdo, it will become your go to for the days you’re running out of the house.  When you are doing this style, you may want to get the hair a little wet or damp.  By doing so, it will help to be able to keep the hair together while you are styling it and will keep the hair in place better throughout the day.

If you have any questions, please comment below so I can get back to you!

Hope you enjoy!





Little Girls hair tutorial

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about putting together some fun episodes showing how I do my daughters hair.  These styles will be easy enough with directions so you can do them too!

First things first, it’s all about keeping your toddler busy while you do their hair.  Some kids are more patient than others and if you are one of those lucky parents that has an incredibly patient daughter, I’m jealous!  If you are anything like me and have to get creative just to be able to do their hair, I suggest being prepared going into it.  That may include a snack, movie, ipad, playdoh, whatever you think!

Milo and I decided to name this the Elsa braid.  It probably has a name but we didn’t know it so we came up with our own “little girl” version.  I tried to be as detailed as possible while filming but if you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments section and I can get back to you!

Here is what you need:

Clear (or color of hair) elastic bands

Hair brush (I suggest the Wet Brush)


Paige + Milo

Gigi Pip

Gigi Pip-284Gigi Pip-171Gigi Pip-495Gigi Pip-460Gigi Pip-164Gigi Pip-275Gigi Pip-4Gigi Pip-179Gigi Pip-78Gigi Pip-252Gigi Pip-115Gigi Pip-347Gigi Pip-396Gigi Pip-427

Shop hats here

A few weeks ago we shot Gigi Pip’s new line of baseball caps along with a few additional brim hats.  You guys, ever since that shoot I’ve been drooling.  Not only do I give the hats two thumbs up but the CEO Ginger is even better!  She’s so genuine, kind, funny and such a good time to be around.  It was so much fun working alongside her for this shoot, check out her shop for some of the best hats!


Diaper bags are kind of my jam


diaper bag

1 I 2 I 3 I 4 I 5 I 6 I 7 I 8 I 9

Over time I have realized I’m kind of obsessed with diaper bags.  Most girls have their shoe addictions but not me–diaper bags.  What’s even better is I’ve never been a purse person but when it comes to bags for baby gear, I’m all in!  I think it’s because I want something that is practical, cute and makes my life easier.  That is why I decided to do a post about my top 9 favorite mom bags, hope this helps!

 1.  What’s nice about this bag is that it can be a shoulder bag or a backpack and comes with a dispenser slot for pulling wipes through so you can grab a wipe without even having to sift through your bag.

2.  I’ve had this bag for a few years now and have never looked back.  It’s complimentary for both moms + dads and has so many compartments for all of your baby gear.  It’s easy to clean and also offers a laptop pocket.  This bag can be both a backpack and shoulder bag.

3.  I like the simplicity of this bag and how wide it opens–making it easy to see find what you need in your mess of a bag (if you’re anything like me).  It has faux leather making all of those spit up accidents an easy clean up with a simple wipe.

4.   The more reviews I’m writing, the more I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ve got a thing for backpacks.  I also love a good bag with stroller hooks and this one has just that annnd it’s cute with its neutral tones so that’s a bonus.

5.  Ok guys, I have serious love for this bag.  It’s real leather, has a laptop pocket and a side zip for you moms who need a safe place to store your cameras. This compartment even comes in handy for wipes and diapers.  I wouldn’t say it’s an everyday bag for me because I treat it like the holy grail.  I use it on trips and when I want to feel a little fancier because it’s just too good to damage.

6.  This bag offers functionality and style.  It has all the compartments you want and will zip at the top to ensure that your items won’t fall out.  It has leather details and stain resistant cotton fabric.

7.  I mean, I didn’t think this would be a thing but this bag offers a memory foam changing pad.  Whaaaattttt, so cool!  This feature makes for more comfortable changing with less of a fight.  It’s machine washable and offers crumb drains to avoid messes.

8.  I’m pretty sure anything with Rachel Zoe and Quinny will be good, real good.  This bag is so flattering that I almost don’t even care what it can do!  But, for your sake I’ll let you know that it has insulated bottle pockets to keep your bottles warm or cold and a pocket meant just for your phone.  And it can be worn as a backpack so, I’ll take two.

9.  It’s got Minnie and Mickey Mouse on it, what more do you need to know!?  As if it couldn’t get any better it offers 5 pockets in just the interior of the bag and has stroller straps.  It can also be worn as a backpack or shoulder bag and has two exterior bottle pockets.


Happy shopping friends!






This post is sponsored by AVEENO®.

Last night I flew back to find freezing cold weather and snow falling from the sky. Being an Arizona native and coming back from California where it was sunny and warm, you can imagine my response.  When the kids woke up this morning I told them that we were going to the pool, obviously a heated pool, and I wish I could have videod their reaction.  They were beyond ecstatic and honestly so was I!

Amongst the craziness of trying to find swim suits and beach towels, the one thing I had prepared was Aveeno Baby Continuous Protection Sensitive Skin Zinc Oxide Sunscreen SPF 50. The kids were so great and helped me get everything packed up.  Well, Milo did at least.  She was the ultimate mini mom and even wanted to put Ruckus’ sunscreen on for him.  We tried the new Aveeno Baby Sunscreen and loooved it!  Luckily for Ruck, its tear free because Milo wasn’t so steady when it came to putting it on his face.  The sunscreen also contains zinc oxide which provides extra coverage from the sun.  Another thing that I love is that its hypoallergenic (which is HUGE in our house, my kids have allergies up the wazoo!), its non greasy and my very favorite is that it is formulated with oat so that it keeps my kids skin soft.  My kids both have extremely dry skin so I take advantage of the little bit of moisture wherever I can get.

I’m that mom that didn’t have a swim suit or even swim diapers for my boy because of how last-minute it was but it didn’t matter; with safe and effective sunscreen on hand, I could enjoy these tiny moments at the pool with my kids without a care in the world.  We all had way too much fun to even notice the diaper Ruckus had hanging down to his toes. 

This Aveeno Baby Sunscreen is now available at Walmart.


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Paige: DressSandals

Milo: Dress I Sandals (sold out but similar style)

Ruck: T shirt I Jeans

It’s been rainy this week and we thought it would be fun to try a new cookie recipe.  Once we finished the cookies, for one reason or another the kids insisted on feeding them to me, over and over again.  I’d like to think it’s because they think I need the extra sugar but we all know that isn’t the case.  Milo always tells me that sharing makes everyone happy so what kind of mother would I be to pass up the opportunity to indulge in her kindness?  ; )

I’ll be sharing my favorite cookie recipe next week so stay tuned!

What made the day that much better was having on the most comfortable dress.  Not only that but it’s cute!  When it comes to style I first prefer comfort and this dress is just that.  The kids and I are all wearing Old Navy and I think they would agree with me that we sure do love a good Old Navy outfit!  Be sure to shop our looks above.

This post is in partnership with Old Navy.


too soon for swimmers?


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boy swim copy

1 I 2 I 3 I 4 I 5 I 6 I 7 I 8 I 9

I’ve been drooling over all of the new summer lines that have come out and because I’m still currently surrounded by snow, I figured I’d live vicariously through all of you and bring you my favorite girls and boys swimmers!  When I say I’m drooling, I literally mean drooling.  There are so many that even I wish they made them in my size.  When they’re this cute, it’s never too soon to make a purchase, right?

Happy shopping friends!