Holiday Traditions and making new ones


Top I Pants I Shoes

This cold weather is bringing back all sorts of memories from growing up and having family traditions during Christmas.  Every Christmas Eve all of my siblings and I would sleep in the basement and wait anxiously at the bottom of the stairs the next morning for my parents to let us up so we could get a peek at our presents.   I still remember piling up at the bottom of the basement door begging my parents to let us out.  My dad would have the camera ready and would be laughing at all of us stampeding over each other just to be the first one up.  I’m the baby in the family so as you can probably guess, I never had much luck with that.

What are some of your Christmas traditions you had growing up?

I’ve also been thinking about what new traditions I want to start with my own little family and it makes me all sorts of excited!  We always swap going from Utah to Arizona each year to celebrate Christmas with my family and my in laws.  Because we do that, it seems like we haven’t really been able to focus on what new traditions we want to create but this year that’s going to change!  I can’t wait.

What are some traditions you have made with your own little family?



I’ve decided that I’m making a goals list when it comes to my new traditions I want to have.  For some reason it just seems like if I write it down on here, it’s going to happen!

  1. Doing a friend exchange-  I was taking a look at Old Navy’s site today and couldn’t believe all of the options they have for cute gifts.  I know any of my friends would die to have these shoes and little do they know they are on sale!  Old Navy is one of my many go to places when it comes to gifting.
  2. See temple lights-  we’ve actually always done that growing up and it’s just such a beautiful reminder of what Christmas is all about!  You get to see some amazing lights and remember Christ and his birth and the kids love it just as much as I do.
  3. Make cookies for Santa-  I’ve never done it but I always have wanted to.  I think it will get the kids so excited for Santa to come.
  4. Take the kids snowboarding- we went last week and they loved it!  It did help that we had all sorts of treats ready in case we needed to bribe them but they didn’t need much bribing.
  5. Take presents to a family in need-  even if we just know a family that needs a little extra help, I think it brings such happiness to everyone who is participating.  We wouldn’t let them know it was us but we would keep it anonymous.  We did it a few years ago when Milo was a baby and honestly, that is all I remember from that years Christmas.  I don’t remember what presents we got, what we wanted, all I remember is leaving a bunch of gifts and gift cards on their front porch and watching Ben run.  It brought so much love even into our home.



I hope you all have an amazing Christmas and don’t forget to share your traditions!  I love hearing what others like to do and how it made growing up magical.


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SHOES – Normally $44.99 and they’re $18!  These shoes are the perfect statement piece for any holiday party you have.


Happy Holidays,


Christmas Wish Lists


Sweater, White T-Shirt, Pants (similar here and under $30!!), Converse

I can’t believe how close Christmas is! I swear it was just Halloween and now Thanksgiving is already over and Christmas is so soon. I started my shopping and decided to round up a few of our favorite things!



  1. This is my Christmas gift this year! I’m so excited about it! Do any of you have a Ring doorbell? Do you love it?

2. Boy Brow, my favorite product for natural, full brows.

3. This bag is so pretty! Everything Madewell does is so good.

4.If you follow me on Instagram, you know I love Maskcara makeup. This Cloud Paint, from Glossier, is also a favorite of mine.

5. I’ve become a person who wears Converse with any outfit, I love them.

6. I love this warm beanie.

7. You can never have too many t-shirts in this house!

8. I should have put this brush on Ben’s list, he needs it just as much as I do!

9. This is one of my favorite scents that I have been wearing for years and it’s inexpensive! It’s pretty much the only one I wear, so I always ask for it as a gift. The roller ball would be a perfect stocking stuffer!

10. My sister-in-law is a hairstylist and raves about this blow dryer. I have been wanting to try it, I keep hearing so many good things. I’m a believer in anything that cuts the time I spend doing my hair!

11. Any pants that look cute and comfortable are winners in my book! I also love these & these!

12. I’ve been bundling up in cozy sweaters these days! This one is 20% off right now with code OHWHATFUN!

13. I love this jumpsuit! Wouldn’t it look so cute with a sweater under?!

14. If I’m not wearing my high-tops, I’m probably wearing these clogs and it doesn’t hurt that they’re 20% off right now with 20CLIMB


1. Ben has an obsession with a good backpack that can hold everything for work & play.

2. Since buying our house, we have been dying for a Traeger. Everyone that I know that has one, loves it. We can’t wait to get ours.

3. Classic Ben.

4. I found this cool polaroid that I think Ben will love! We all know his love for photography, but sometimes it’s fun to snap a picture really quick!

5. How cool is this phone case! I love how slim it is but so functional, I think this would be awesome for his job.

6. Every guy needs a good beanie, especially here in Utah.

7. The boots that will survive any condition.

8. THE sweatshirt. I kept stealing Ben’s so I ended up buying one for myself, too!

9. I think every guy could use a portable charger to keep in a backpack or the car!

10. This whole line at Target is killing it right now. I think this bomber jacket is so good.

11. Always Levis.

12. Ben has been wearing these for as long as I can remember; it never hurts to get a fresh pair!

13. Ben has been wanting some of these headphones for a while now!

Kitchen essentials and timeless pieces

I get a bunch of questions about my kitchen so I figured it was time to do a post about it.  I like to save as much money as possible when it comes to decorating but I think that each room deserves a few staple pieces that cost a bit more but still don’t break the bank.  Not everything needs to be pricey but sometimes furniture, lights or art can be worth it.  Especially if it’s good quality and timeless pieces like you will find below.

You can find direct links to each of the items below and at the very bottom of this post.


If you are on the search for some timeless, leather BARSTOOLS, these simple and modern ones won’t disappoint!  I first bought them because I loved the look of them but once they arrived, I couldn’t believe how comfortable they were.  They are formed almost like a bucket seat so you pretty much sink into the chair


These metal cafe CHAIRS are the super practical.  They don’t break the bank, can be stacked so they’re easily out of the way, and can handle a good wipe down.



This TABLE was one of the very first things that Ben and I bought when we were married.  We debated on a table that had pink, green, blue and yellow painted on the wood (you know, when the distressed, bright colored Anthropologie look was in).  We are SO happy we went with this timeless table.  We found this table at a shop in Arizona but I found a similar one here.


I get a bunch of questions about this RUG and I was so happy when I found one almost that’s almost identical.  We’ve had this rug for over four years now but you would never know it.  My kids have spilled all sorts of things on it but because it’s dark and has a little bit more of a busy pattern, you would never know how much it’s been used and abused.  The best part about this rug is that it’s a good price!


I couldn’t believe the price and how cute these SHELVES were when I found them.  They were exactly what I was looking for and they are such great quality.  They also come in a few different sizes.





I don’t think I could type out enough reasons as to why I love these PENDANTS.  I’m a sucker for pottery and these lights are handmade from terra-cotta clay.  I knew I wanted something that popped a little more with color and yet were simple enough that they didn’t take away from the entire space.  These pendants have ridges from top to bottom but they also have a smooth option and can be purchased in size small or large.  These ones are size small.  I’m obsessed!




kitchen copy


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Happy Shopping, friends!