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Voila! I made it to the blogging world. This is something I’ve always wanted to do but honestly, it’s a very intimidating thing to be apart of. There are so many amazing bloggers out there with such creative ideas and abilities! Finally I couldn’t ignore it anymore, I had to sign up.

I figured for my first post I would give you little snippets about my family.

My husband Ben, where to even begin! He’s one of those people who when you’re around him, everything just feels simple. He’s extremely positive and makes you feel like everyday is too beautiful to waste. He’s a full-time photographer and loves every bit of his job. He’s also a wee bit obsessed with motorcycles, if you follow him on Instagram you know what I’m talking about.

Milo is my soon to be two-year old daughter. She’s kinda hilarious. A lot of people tell me ” your daughter is such a ham”, I love that about her. If you’re lucky enough you will be able to see her “Granny” and “Chucky” faces. She’s already a tomboy and loves surfing, skateboarding and motorcycles. Clearly her dad had a lot to do with this.

What to write about myself? Um, I like ice cream, a lot. I have an obsession with finding clothes and home decor at a discounted price.  I’m a Physical Therapist Assistant but what I love more than that is being a mom. I’m a mom to Milo and my two dogs ( and sometimes my husband ; ) ).

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