Getting My Groove Back!


I’m back! You may not know but I’m currently creating a baby monster right now that just so happens to be a boy! We’re so excited for our new addition, even though it seems to be taking a toll on me. The first trimester I had a lot of nausea (all day and night to be exact), and now with the second trimester I seem to be throwing up almost everyday. You know, the perks of motherhood! I obviously wouldn’t trade it for anything. I love my babies more than life, but for those of you who say you enjoy being pregnant, I salute you! It’s hard work. I’m always uncomfortable, I feel like a blob, my boobs just plainly hurt, and I feel sick for the majority of my pregnancy. This is all why, along with moving states, I have been MIA from blogging.

Last night I had one of those joyous hormonal breakdowns because I felt like everything had just built up. I was venting to my husband about it all as we were lying in bed when a few moments later (after he was desperately trying to be a good listener) I began to feel constant deep-sleep twitching coming from the other side of the bed. I knew he wasn’t listening to anything I was saying at that point so I sat there and cried a few more tears. That’s when out of nowhere my little man started to kick against my belly, quite forcefully too. It couldn’t have come at a better time, though, as it instantly knocked me out of the “poor me” sob-fest I was having. It immediately made me extremely grateful for every bit of the oh-so-small struggles I was going through. I’m so happy to be a mom and especially to a new baby boy. I just can’t wait! So, I have to say for all of you moms that are facing the same mini issues I was having, you’re not alone. The great part of being pregnant is that in the end you have a beautiful baby that is truly a miracle!

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