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1. This Luana top from Brandy Melville will change your life. I posted about these tops in a previous entry but whether you’re pregnant or not, you need one. They are big, long, stretchy and already over-sized so they’re perfect for the baby bump, (not to mention they’re only $23).

2. I found this dress from ASOS and it’s on sale for $33.63!

3. Enough with the ghetto hair tie holding my button and waistband together; it’s time to invest in some true maternity jeans.

4. Another option for the Luana top from Brandy Melville. They have nearly 20 different styles so don’t be afraid to switch them up every day of your pregnancy. I have four myself..

5. These shorts come in a two pack, that’s my kind of deal! You’re practically getting one for free, right? That’s what I tell my husband.

6. This tunic can be worn as a dress or top. It’s not meant for maternity but considering it’s already such a loose-fitting top, you can wear it during and after your pregnancy.

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