Cancun, here I come!

Cancun outfits

Every once in a while my husband will have jobs where I can’t help but tag along. He’s shooting a wedding in Cancun, Mexico and it just so happens to be over our anniversary. It’s clearly a must that I come and we stay a few extra days to celebrate! Here are some of my picks that will be in my bag.

Left to right beginning at the top.

1. Anything over-sized has my name written all over it. Especially this tank from Free People.

2. My X-Large Humble Hilo bag makes for the perfect beach bag and it doesn’t hurt that I use it as a carry on during the flight.

3. I just bought these sandals and can’t wait to wear them. They are only $29.95!

4. I’ve been looking for a wide brim, fedora style hat and finally found it.

5. Clearly I won’t be able to wear high-waist bottoms with a big ol’ baby belly but this bikini top is a different story.

6. My friend used this Sun In spray at the beach a few times to naturally lighten their hair and it worked amazingly! I just bought it and can’t wait to try it out. You can also find it at Walmart in the hair dye section for only $3.48.

7. Every time I go to the beach, park, or on a family picnic I always need my trusty mexican blanket. The sand doesn’t stick to it and it’s easy to wash, it’s a win win.

8.  Sam Edelman always gets me with these sandals.

9. I’ve been stalking this Free People dress for a while now. I can give you a list of reasons of why I want it but let’s just say number one is the summer in AZ, it gets to 118 degree. No one wants to wear pants or shorts during that time.

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  1. I love all these things + the pictures you posted on Instagram! Where did you stay in cancun!? It looks beautiful and adventurous!

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