Oh, snap!

me ash(My sister-in-law and I)

I’m fairly new to the Snapchat app but I think it’s hilarious. I love sending snaps to friends and in return getting videos back. I’ll be honest, 99% of my chats are of Milo and most of the time she’s either “booty popping”, making the “Chucky and Granny face” or saying “da da da da GRINCH!”. I don’t know why she’s obsessed with saying “the Grinch” along with making a crazy face, but it’s kind of her thing.

Anyway, Sunday I decided to send a snap to my brother and sister-in-law. My sister-in-law and Milo have this thing where they talk in a man / monster voice to one another and Milo thinks it’s the funniest. I decided it would make for a good video so as I was getting ready for church, Milo was sitting on my lap in her dress and I was in my bra. Granted, you could only see about half of my upper body but still clearly enough to think, “Hey she’s just in a bra”. Milo and I are doing the man / monster voice back and forth to one another so I thought they would love it, my sister-in-law and brother that is.

About 8 hours later I check my Snapchat and a friend had commented back saying, “hahaha love the bra”. Guys, my heart dropped! I quickly text her asking how in the world she saw it and rushed back to the app to find that 14 friends had viewed the video!! Mortified is an understatement considering half of them are my husband’s good friends. Not only am I just hangin’ out in my bra but I’m also talking like a creepy dude! I finally figured out how to delete the video, which by that point so many people had seen it that it didn’t matter. Okay it definitely mattered.

Come to find out, when you upload videos to “My Story”, everyone can view your video. I thought that when you clicked My Story that just meant that whomever you clicked along with it would be able to re-watch your video.

Note to self, figure out how something works before just going for it and you look like a weirdo wearing just a bra.

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