my sick babe

Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset The past week has been just plain rough. We drove home from California last Friday and Milo began experiencing high temperatures. We kept giving her Ibuprofen and figured it was just the common cold and we’d stay on top of her fevers. By the time Sunday rolled around she had a terrible cough, no appetite, short of breath, her physical appearance looked exactly like she felt, and she had a high fever. Like a 104.3 degree high fever. We rushed her to the hospital and after a long night of chest x rays, rectal temperatures, breathing treatments, catheter and a ginormous bill we finally left the hospital at 2 am knowing Milo had Pneumonia. We’ve been to the doctors twice this week as Milo’s fevers won’t seem to stop, even with the antibiotics she’s been taking. It’s been sad to watch her struggle just to nap without coughing and hacking. She hasn’t been eating much but when she says she wants ice cream for breakfast, I practically give her the whole gallon in her lap. Whatever I can do to get my happy girl back I am all for. Every habit we’ve been trying to break is now an all the time occurrence. She uses her binky almost all day and nearly every night this week she’s ended up in our bed. Illnesses are the absolute worst! As a parent you feel so worthless because you want to take the pain away from them. I know she’s going to struggle the next few days but we are looking forward knowing there will be an end to this sickness. Hallelujah!

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