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If you know my husband, you know his two passions in life are camping and his motorcycle. He’s been begging me to go camping my entire pregnancy but I, not being very excited to camp pregnant, always shot him down quickly. I was really struggling with ideas for his birthday knowing that when it came down to it all he would want to do is go camping. So, I decided that if I wanted to do something just for him, I would have to put my stubborn redheaded personality to the side and do it! For most pregnant women it’s no big deal to go camping 35 weeks pregnant but I’ll be honest, it’s not my favorite prego activity…

I surprised him at work with camping gear and told him we were going to go wherever his heart desired. Ben being excited was an understatement. He had been trying to get me to go for so long that just telling him we were going made my day.

We started our journey into the mountains and chose a random spot in the middle of the woods to stay the night. Immediately Ben started setting up the tent, put up a hammock and began cooking dinner. He didn’t want any help; I think he was too excited to show me his mountain man side. I loved it. The meal was amazing; he made it straight over the fire and seasoned it to perfection. Milo was in absolute heaven also, she insisted on helping dad with every task.

The night was full of laughs, hikes, candy and coyotes. Around 1am coyotes kept howling and going crazy like they had caught something causing Milo to get a little nervous. We finally convinced her they were just saying “helllllooooooo Miloooooooo”, then she loved the “puppies”. Despite a rough nights sleep (Ben decided a few Mexican blankets would work well as my bed) the night was perfect. We were away from our phones, computers, and work and were able to just focus on our family. It makes you very grateful for the outdoors. It’s safe to say I can’t wait for our next outing!

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