Whoa whoa

Milo’s nightgown

Milo has this weird habit of hers that she calls “whoa whoa”. When she lays on a bed she positions her body completely flat and begins rocking back and forth with her upper body and head doing most of the rocking. Usually her hands will be slightly suspended in the air and she’ll be humming some kind of song. It’s the weirdest, kind of creepy habit I’ve ever seen. She’s been doing it since she was a baby and uses it as some sort of soothing treatment when she goes to bed or just wants to relax. But if you weren’t used to it then you would think my child was seriously possessed.

Once we had a babysitter who, bless her heart, told my husband at the end of the night, “Milo went to her room and started rocking back and forth. I didn’t know what to do so I let her stay and rock for 15 minutes”. I died laughing when my husband told me, poor girl was probably so freaked out. I’ve asked the doctor about it and he says she’s a healthy child so there’s no need to worry. I looked it up and it’s actually pretty common but most kids grow out of it around two.. of course my child is the exception.

Ben and I always joke about Milo on her honeymoon and how she’s going to lay next to her new husband and start rocking back and forth humming a song. Poor guys going to be so creeped out thinking “what the heck!?”. Oh, she also has a chunk of hair in the middle of the back of her head that’s broken off from doing this. She wakes up with the worlds worst bed head that takes me about 15 minutes to brush out, it’s terrible. Anyone else have this totally normal, super awesome habit in one of their kids? I’m probably just the only oober lucky one.

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