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43510012Something that has been on my mind lately is the pressure of social media. I feel like a lot of us get caught up in the numbers of it all.  What’s most important is to remember that numbers don’t define you, YOU define you.  The greatest photo taker with the best style and great editing can be a total dud in person.  Do what makes you happy and keep those around you who make you happy.  Don’t let an app tell you you’re cool or make you feel like less of a person.

I get nervous to think about my children being raised in a world that allows you to feel like you’re not enough because of how many people press a heart button or hit  “follow”.  Don’t get me wrong, some of my greatest friendships have come through social media and that’s the amazing thing about it.  There can be so much good but yet so much destruction.  This social media world is a beautiful thing so lets continue to keep it that way.  Be kind to those around you; don’t type something to someone that you wouldn’t say to them in person.  You’ll only feel better and do better in life by helping those around you.

I learned a valuable lesson from my husband the other day.  He’s a professional photographer and if you know him, you know he’s one of the kindest, happiest and most giving people.  He often gets a lot of people who ask about how he edits photos, what cameras and film he uses, and the locations he shoots at, etc.  Whenever someone asks him something he’s always an open book, he doesn’t mind sharing the secrets to his success.  I didn’t understand and I asked him, “Why do you tell everyone how you create the photo’s that you do? Don’t you feel like you need to keep it hush-hush so that companies continue to use you and your imagery doesn’t look like everyone else?”  His reply was simple and to the point, ” the most successful people share everything they can”.   I felt like a brat after that, who am I to think you should keep everything hidden and not help your friend or even a stranger?   When I thought about what he said I knew he wasn’t just talking about success as a financial thing, I knew he was talking about happiness as well.  When you share, when you’re kind, when you give a compliment, you radiate goodness.  You literally glow and have something so great about you that others can see and feel.  I have a lot to work on but I plan on trying my best each day.   If you get anything from this post I just hope you know that you are loved and  I THINK YOU’RE COOL!


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