Easy peasy Valentine’s Day cards


This was Milo’s first year doing Valentine’s Day cards for school and she was “SO EXCITED FOR HER PARTY!”.  I, being the procrastinator that I am, waited until last minute to get everything together.  I went to Target and found most of the necessities in the $1-$3 bins that you find when you first enter the store.  The cat stamp was $1 and the cupcake liners, including the hearts, were only $3.  As soon as I found those, everything came together.  I stamped the tops of the cards, wrote out a fun saying and was done!  It was that easy.  Milo helped me come up with the adjectives for each classmate, signed each card and helped make cupcakes.  It was a fun activity for the two of us and the look on her face once she saw the finished products was priceless.  Her card to her teacher went a little like this:

Mrs. Udall,

Thank you for being the best teacher!  You’re princess Jasmine. You’re really pretty!


Hope you all have the best Valentines Day


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