Cruisin Photo Bus launch party




We were able to go to the launch party for a new business called Cruisin Photo Bus.  They travel around in a VW bus to events, weddings, parties, whatever you would like and have renovated the inside to create a photobooth.  Talk about such a fun concept!  Sammie and her husband are the owners and are such a darling couple.

Can we have a moment of silence to talk about this venue?  It was insane!  They had a beautiful open yard with trees,  lights,  and it had an amazing country vibe to it.  The kids especially loved the chickens they had.

The kids had so much fun playing with giant bubbles, eating amazing food, taking photos, getting flower crowns, their was a braid bar and even a watercolor table.  The event was so fun and it was great to see some of the local businesses together in one spot.  We went home with beautiful photos, flower crowns and full bellies, the ultimate night.



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