Mothers day roundup

mothers day roundup

  1. Teak Candle How fun is this candle?   What’s even better is once the candle is gone, you can use it as a planter for succulents.
  2. Black Mules These heels seem like the perfect everyday shoe.  The heel isn’t too high and they still add that bit of style to any outfit.
  3. Indigo Pillow Add this pillow to any room for the additional pop of color you’re looking for.  I just got a vintage indigo lumbar pillow from this very shop and am still drooling over how much life it adds to my bedroom.
  4. Bath Bomb Not only does this bath bomb make your tub turn vibrant, glittery colors but the smells are amazing!  It soothes your skin and smells incredible.
  5. Tote Bag Madewell just knows how to do women’s bags.
  6. Maillot Looking for the cutest one piece?  Found it!
  7. Makeup Palette If you haven’t tried Maskcara Cosmetics you’re missing out!  You have great coverage and when you’re finished applying it, your face has the perfect glow.
  8. Maxi Dress A dress that’s big, cute and comfy has my name written all over it.

Now guys, do your baby momma a favor and get to it!


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