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City Select Double

Baby Cubby was generous enough to offer this stroller at a $150 discount. You guys, that is the lowest price I personally have ever seen for this stroller. They also have this stroller in all sorts of color options, you do not want to pass this deal up!

Also, have you ever searched for a stroller and had no idea where to begin?  Well, I have a solution for you!  Baby Cubby makes the stroller search a million times easier with their Stroller Buying Guide.   This buying guide is detailed with questions like:

  • Are you looking for a single or double?
  • Do you like seat options?
  • Do you want a jogging stroller?
  • Do you want a double to be side by side?

The guide even breaks down the different options of strollers into a list that fits your criteria.  Baby Cubby made my life ten times easier because when I was purchasing a new stroller I was so overwhelmed with all of the different options. I’m grateful they offer this guide because they were able to narrow it down to exactly what I needed.  The last thing I wanted to do was to invest all of this money into a stroller that I was unsure of.

When I broke down the features that I was looking for, I ended up with the City Select Double and I am so glad that I had the help I needed because I absolutely love the purchase I made.

Happy shopping!


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