New adventures at unexpected times

Sometimes unexpected things happen and happen fast. My husband and I recently purchased our first home and were able to redo the entire inside. We made it into our dream place and after being there for 6 short months we got a job offer we couldn’t refuse.

My husband was offered a job as the photographer at  This is his dream job and for it to come out of no where was such an exciting moment.  Going camping and taking pictures in the mountains-it doesn’t get any better for him.  This job is everything and more but the thought of having to give up our newly finished home, leaving friends and family and moving to the snow gave me instant anxiety.  I’ve never lived in the snow. You’re moving a desert rat to the snow and I’ve never lived anywhere with a climate colder than 60 degrees!  I’ve been stocking up on layers for all of us and Ben thinks it’s quite hilarious at what my idea of a coat is.  I mean, furry jackets keep you warm and are quite a necessity..but obviously mother nature quickly proved me wrong.  The weather has actually been really nice and there have only been a few days here and there that were in the 30’s/40’s.

During this entire move it’s been interesting to see what a smooth transition it’s really been.  Obviously missing my entire family back in AZ will never be easy but we’ve been lucky enough to be surrounded by neighbors and new friends that have been eager to help.  We found a great rental home and have quickly been meeting new people.  You would think that finding a house and having to pack up your entire family to move states in three weeks would be nearly impossible but it has actually just worked.  I’ve learned through this that some times things happen at unexpected times but for whatever reason they’re just meant to be.  We know that we’re supposed to be here in Utah and are trying our best to embrace it with open arms.  If you’re in Utah, don’t be shy!  We’re currenlty on the hunt for more friends ; ).

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