New adventures + DANCING LIKE A FOOL

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By moving to a new and small town its encouraged the kids and I to explore a lot more.  We’ve always had a taste for it but now we do it on the daily and the kids look forward to it.

Amongst trying new things I’ve started a HIGH fitness class and I LOVE it!  When I heard about it I instantly thought it sounded like choreographed dancing and thought, “no way would I be able to do that”.  Don’t get me wrong, I love to dance but when I do I’m making up my own random moves because even if I look like a fool, it’s almost somewhat acceptable.  That’s like the “in” thing now, right?  Dance like a fool but make it look like you meant to? Orrrr maybe that’s just me.. Anyway, it’s been a great way to get my body moving again without it being a dreaded workout.  I suggest giving it a try!


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