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Ruckus: Overalls I Top I Shoes I Paige: Top I Pants I Boots

Something I’ve had to learn quickly is that boys are just plain ol’ busy bodies!  Since I’ve had Ruckus, I’m always ten times more tired at the end of the day compared to when I only had Milo.  It’s a good kind of tired though.

Not only are boys busy but they also love to torment their siblings.  Yesterday we had to put Ruckus in time out for the very first time because he would not ease up on hitting Milo.  It doesn’t matter if he’s being a pest because to him, any attention is positive attention.

Despite all the naughty that they come packaged with, boys are truly the sweetest and most sensitive little things.  If Ruckus knows he’s in trouble he instantly gets the biggest frown and slowly crocodile sized tears begin to trickle down.  In the end what I’m trying to say is that boys are perfect.  They’re the perfect example of the Sour Patch Kids- sour then sweet commercials.  When they’re naughty, they make it up to you with a million kisses just at the right time.  Even with the crazy, I’d still take ten more of my little Ruckus!


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