Christmas Cards with artifact uprising

Christmas Cards

This is our first year really doing Christmas Cards!  Let’s just say, we’ve been slacking just a wee bit in that department..  When we found these cards by Artifact Uprising, there was no question that we would finally be sending out cards this year.  Artifact Uprising makes it incredibly easy with all of the different options they have to choose from for holiday cards.  They even allow you to upload your own photo’s as an example so you can see what each card will look like once they’re completed.

I have so much more respect for those of you that have been sending us cards every single year.  I had no idea the amount of time and work it takes to do these things!  After spending over 3 hours working on collecting addresses, writing them onto the cards and putting the cards into the envelopes, I finally recruited my husband for the sealing process.  He started on one with a wet towel and was instantly over it.  That’s when he created his own way of sealing the envelopes that literally cut down the time almost down to nothing!  I’m adding this hilarious video of what he does to seal the envelopes because I feel for all of you that are doing your cards right now!  Watch this and see how it takes him maybe 5 minutes to seal 125 cards!

No this is no professional video, he took it last night as a joke but I had to share.


1. Lay out about 5 envelopes and stack on top of each other so the seals are showing

2. Using a spray bottle- lightly spray the seals making sure you get each envelope BUT DON’T DRENCH THEM. You don’t want to do too much to the point that they won’t seal

3. Fold over each envelope putting them into a pile

4. Once they are in a pile, press down on cards so that they are sure to seal.

Voila!  You’re done.  I like to refer to my husband as a genius ; ).  I seriously can’t stop laughing that he figured that out.

Happy Holidays!


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