Holiday Traditions and making new ones


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This cold weather is bringing back all sorts of memories from growing up and having family traditions during Christmas.  Every Christmas Eve all of my siblings and I would sleep in the basement and wait anxiously at the bottom of the stairs the next morning for my parents to let us up so we could get a peek at our presents.   I still remember piling up at the bottom of the basement door begging my parents to let us out.  My dad would have the camera ready and would be laughing at all of us stampeding over each other just to be the first one up.  I’m the baby in the family so as you can probably guess, I never had much luck with that.

What are some of your Christmas traditions you had growing up?

I’ve also been thinking about what new traditions I want to start with my own little family and it makes me all sorts of excited!  We always swap going from Utah to Arizona each year to celebrate Christmas with my family and my in laws.  Because we do that, it seems like we haven’t really been able to focus on what new traditions we want to create but this year that’s going to change!  I can’t wait.

What are some traditions you have made with your own little family?



I’ve decided that I’m making a goals list when it comes to my new traditions I want to have.  For some reason it just seems like if I write it down on here, it’s going to happen!

  1. Doing a friend exchange-  I was taking a look at Old Navy’s site today and couldn’t believe all of the options they have for cute gifts.  I know any of my friends would die to have these shoes and little do they know they are on sale!  Old Navy is one of my many go to places when it comes to gifting.
  2. See temple lights-  we’ve actually always done that growing up and it’s just such a beautiful reminder of what Christmas is all about!  You get to see some amazing lights and remember Christ and his birth and the kids love it just as much as I do.
  3. Make cookies for Santa-  I’ve never done it but I always have wanted to.  I think it will get the kids so excited for Santa to come.
  4. Take the kids snowboarding- we went last week and they loved it!  It did help that we had all sorts of treats ready in case we needed to bribe them but they didn’t need much bribing.
  5. Take presents to a family in need-  even if we just know a family that needs a little extra help, I think it brings such happiness to everyone who is participating.  We wouldn’t let them know it was us but we would keep it anonymous.  We did it a few years ago when Milo was a baby and honestly, that is all I remember from that years Christmas.  I don’t remember what presents we got, what we wanted, all I remember is leaving a bunch of gifts and gift cards on their front porch and watching Ben run.  It brought so much love even into our home.



I hope you all have an amazing Christmas and don’t forget to share your traditions!  I love hearing what others like to do and how it made growing up magical.


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Happy Holidays,


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