My every day routine

I was thinking about this pregnancy and wanted to share some of my go-to, every day routines that I can’t live without.

Besides the obvious of needing a Diet Coke just to stay awake, I’ve been relying so much on Bio Oil during this pregnancy. I’m not sure why I didn’t use it with my other two (maybe because I was lazy and didn’t realize their were miracle oils like this out there) but it’s been a game changer this time around. It prevents my skin from getting dry and also prevents and reduces my stretch marks! I’ve been noticing little by little the difference in my skin and what I love most is that you don’t just have to be pregnant to use it. I have a travel size bottle that I bring everywhere with me and I have Milo (my 5 year old daughter) that makes sure I’m always on top of applying it twice daily. Bio oil is very affordable and you can find it here

Another daily routine that most likely isn’t socially acceptable is wearingthis dress! It’s not a maternity dress but allows the comfort one needs whether pregnant or not, and you still look cute. I would suggest sizing down a size, I’m pregnant and bought it in an XS with room to spare.

Lastly, and this might seem weird, I have to have a good hour to just simply deep clean my house. Maybe it’s the “nesting” part of this pregnancy but when I put the kids down for a nap, I’m an all around happier person if I can get my home in order. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of days when that doesn’t happen but when it does, I just feel at ease.

What are your daily routines?

I would love to hear it!


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