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When I’m not chasing Milo & Ruck around, I’m probably shooting for some of my favorite companies, like Luca and Grae. I’ve been photographing for so many brands and products lately that I figured I should probably start documenting some of my work here!

I’ve never been one to only buy certain brands, but I am pretty picky when it comes to fit and simplicity. I love collecting pieces from different shops, mixing and matching different patterns and colors, usually neutrals ;). I was so excited when Aspyn first asked me to help photograph their new products; everything she picks for her shop is simple & unique, but still timeless. Shooting products I love makes my job really easy. Working with amazing owners and models makes my job even easier.

I’ve posted some of my work on my instagram before and I always get asked about my camera gear and my editing! I shoot with a Canon 5D Mark II and 50mm lens. I love this camera but I will probably get something a little newer in the next year or so. As for editing, I make my own presets. Let’s just say…be on the look out for an exciting announcement about my presets. Ben and I have totally different styles when it comes to how we photograph, even the equipment we use, but it has been really fun to bounce ideas off each other and support one another.

If you haven’t shopped Luca + Grae before, start now!


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