Father’s Day with Artifact Uprising + a painting I created

7Z5A5897Every year for Father’s Day, I’m always stumped. Do I get that big ol’ grill my husband likes or do I go small and sentimental? I always question which route to take and I feel like this year I finally got it right.

First, I’ll give you the backstory as to why this gift is so special. My husband and I are both photographers and for what ever reason we don’t have one single photo or print hung on our walls! I think we are both picky when it comes to what we want to have up on display so when it comes finally doing it, we get nowhere. Maybe I’ve used Father’s Day as an excuse but I finally picked out these modern metal frames that not only do I love but my hubby does too.

I’ve always been a fan of Artifact Uprising because they have so many sleek frame options, photo books, and different ways to spruce up your home using photos. I particularly liked the Modern Metal Frames and knew Ben would be excited to have those hung up in our home.

Ben has been asking me to paint him a western painting for years but for what ever reason I thought that had to include horses or men, which I can’t paint. I really thought about how I could do this and finally came up with the idea to paint a desert landscape. That’s western enough, right? I waited for Ben to fall asleep (luckily that takes maybe 30 seconds) and I began to paint downstairs. I stayed up until about 1:30am and completed it in one night! I chose the color tones I would ideally like to be hung in the house for his “western painting” and I think it turned out alright!


The next morning while Ben was at a photoshoot I decided that would be the perfect time to put the painting in our new Artifact Uprising Frame. I went with two big 40″x 30″ gold frames because I really wanted this to be a statement piece in our home. Let me tell you, I could not be any happier with the way it turned out! I’m pretty sure anything would look incredible in this frame but it was the perfect finishing touch for this painting.

I know it’s an early Father’s Day gift but I COULDN’T WAIT! I made Ben and the kids close their eyes and when they saw the present, they had a better reaction than I could have ever imagined! I’m talking tears, people! I recorded the surprise and when I turned off the camera, that’s when Ben started to tear up. He absolutely loved the painting! Ben is also picky when it comes to frames and he couldn’t stop raving about these ones.

I also filtered through hundreds of photos on his hard drives and picked out some of my favorites that he’s captured over the years. One of my top ones ended up being a shot from Joshua Tree National Park. Now I’m just stumped as to whether or not we should hang up the painting or photo in our bedroom and the other in the family room. The struggle is real!

If you want to purchase your own frames for Father’s Day, make sure you do it TODAY using express shipping! It’s the last day and trust me, it’s worth it!


Happy early Father’s Day to you and yours,


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