Midi skirt’s all day, every day!

image2You may or may not have noticed lately but I am a total sucker for midi skirts.  Living in Arizona during the summer, it’s HOT!  I’ve noticed that wearing a midi skirt makes going outside bearable and well, they’re just plain cute.  I also love the diversity that midi skirts provide because they are incredibly easy to dress up or down.  Personally, I find myself pairing them with a graphic tee or plain t-shirt during the day then a blouse at night.  

This one I am wearing here is unfortunately out of stock as of this morning but HERE is a very similar one.  I love that this one is also a wrap skirt and can be easily paired with whatever shirts are in your closet!  Graphic tee, check!  Blouse, check!  Casual sweater, check!

Here are some of my other favorites!


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