Milo’s Bathroom Remodel





Tile from Concrete Collaborative I Stool (similar one) I Wall Shelf

                                     BEFORE                                                              AFTER





Faucet I Oversized Drain Stopper

                              BEFORE                                                                    AFTER


 Soap Dispenser I Mirror I Toothbrush + Makeup brush Holder


Wall Shelf I Vase


Towel Rack


Trinket Bowls are handmade and a post will be coming soon!



Female Form Vase in color Peach I Face Vase (sold out but another one that I love)

I’ve been so excited to share the before and after’s of Milo’s bathroom remodel.  I justified to my husband that because it’s our little girls bathroom, we needed pink and gold tile.  But if I’m being honest, I’d be doing pink and gold tile in my bathroom in a heartbeat!  I love it even more than I thought I would and I didn’t think that was possible.  I found this tile from Concrete Collaborative and it’s available in several different colors.  What I loved most was putting together the pattern for the bathroom.  I first started with a large rainbow as the focal point then added on from there.  Overall it took me probably an hour and a half just to lay the pattern out for the entire bathroom because I’m a little meticulous, if you can’t tell.

We used an Ikea vanity and countertop and love how it turned out.  The vanity was a pain to put in, as you can expect when it comes to Ikea furniture, but once it was installed we have no complaints!  

I also put together an Amazon List with some of my favorite bathroom items including items that are pictured above.  Some of the items you will find is toothbrush holder, towel hooks, stool, trash bin, bath mat, sink faucet, oversized sink drain, etc!


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