I recently purchased this LINEN BEDDING in Dark Yellow and absolutely love it.  I was so excited when I found this duvet set because of how cheap it was!  Most linen duvet sets I’ve been finding online have been $300-$500, so nuts!  I was pleasantly surprised because this yellow color is more of a dull yellow than the website shows, it’s definitely brighter online than in person.  It’s also available in 4 colors.

I just got this RATTAN MIRROR and now wish I had another one!  I initially bought it for my bedroom but it’s too good to have hidden in our room where no one can see it.  It’s now front and center in our entryway!

I have this MULTI HOOK in our hallway for my diaper bag and my kids backpacks.  It’s incredibly sturdy and my favorite thing about it is that I can push up and hide any hooks that I’m not using!

I’m ordering one of these TRINKET CONTAINERS to have next to my bed for when I need to take off my rings, one for the kitchen sink for when I’m going to wash the dishes, and three for our the bathrooms.  I guess you could say I need at least 10 because I’m obsessed.

I love that this DOUBLE LOOP KNOT is handmade in Brooklyn.   I really appreciate artists and the time that goes in to their creations so it makes me love this piece that much more.  It would look incredible on top of stacked magazines.

Fun fact — I’ve never owned candlesticks!  I’m honestly not sure why but these CANDLE HOLDER make me feel like I’ve been missing out.  These would look incredible on our console table or in our bathroom next to our bathtub.

I’ve been eyeing this MOROCCAN FLATWEAVE RUG for months now!  I can’t decide if I would like it better in the family room or Ruckus’s room.  I’ve never found a brown rug that I love as much as this one and the fact that it won’t show dirt like the rest of my rugs sounds amazing!

The base of this LAMP is hardwood and I thought all along that it was ceramic!  Honestly, it makes me love it that much more because each piece is hand carved to perfection.  The tassels are cuuuuuuute too.

I just bought a few of these STEMS for around the house.  What’s better than a plant that you don’t have to continually replace?

I dream of the day when I’ll have this ARCHES RUG.  It’s pretty much a rainbow and I’ve kinda got a thing for rainbows, if you haven’t noticed.  It’s available in two options.

This LEATHER TRAY is ideal for tv remotes, keys, or any other trinkets you have laying around the house.

I love the pop of color this KNIT BASKET  brings into a room and it’s a way better option for storage!

This BLANKET caught my eye because of it’s simplicity and cute design.  This would look good thrown on almost any bed or couch.

I purchased these LINEN PILLOWCASES  when I purchased the linen duvet but I bought them in the pink color to offset the yellow.  They’re a great price as well!

I’m currently on the search for more magazines to fill this MAGAZINE BASKET.  How cute would this be next to your couch or in a bathroom?

I saw this LARGE VASE in the store and haven’t stopped thinking about it since.  It is a beautiful statement piece and if you add flowers or plants, it brings that perfect pop of color into any room.

I have this FEMALE FORM VASE in Milo’s bathroom and in my bedroom.  I really love how unique and fun it is!

This is the WALL SHELF I have in Milo’s bathroom.  It’s the perfect place for books, Milo’s trinkets, and vases.  I love how much detail and style it brings into her little space.

I want this RATTAN HOOK in Milo’s room for her hats.

I love the woven thread top on these BASKETS.  It’s a subtle bit of style that makes the biggest difference!  I just bought one of these baskets in the small size to put my keys on our entry way table

This RATTAN MIRROR is the perfect addition to any room and what’s even better is that it’s cheap!

If you’ve read this, you know now that I have an obsession with rainbows and ceramics.  What do you get when you combine them together?  An incredibly cute ceramic RAINBOW CANDLESTICK HOLDER.

Happy shopping!


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