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Last week I took the kids on a “hike”, which ended up being more like a nature walk, and it was the perfect weather where a long sleeve was nice and some biker shorts were also appreciated.  I wanted to share this OVERSIZED LONG SLEEVE top because I loved it so much.  I’m a sucker for anything oversized and this top is just that.  So much so that I suggest sizing down!  It has holes in the sleeves for your thumbs, which I love, because when you have a jacket over the top of it, it stays in place.  These are the BIKER SHORTS.  They’re available in a bunch of different color options and are only $20!

Long Sleeves

Winter is my favorite time of year in Arizona because I can finally whip out the long sleeves!  Putting on more and more layers is the absolute best.  To be honest, I spent a few hours compiling all of my current favorites so you know this list is gunna be gooood!

I fell in love with the floral detail on this HENLEY!  It’s so feminine and would look adorable paired with some wide leg pants.

Have I mentioned that I love anything oversized?  Well, in case I didn’t get the point across, I added this incredible LONG SLEEVE TUNIC.

I have this CORDUROY SHIRT and love to also wear it as a jacket!  It looks so good layered.

The neckline and sleeves on this MOCKNECK TOP is perfection!  I love the idea of this under a jumpsuit or tucked into some high-waisted pants.

This top is to die for!  I’ve been going a very light, neutral route when it comes to my clothes lately but there is definitely an exception for this VELVET FLORAL TOP!

I love the old school vibe of this STRIPED LONG SLEEVE!  So cute.

I’m a firm believer that every closet needs one solid THERMAL TOP and this is it!  Whenever you’re quickly rushing out the door, you slip this on with anything and everything.  You know I snatched this up.

Just bought this RIBBED TOP and love how cozy it is!

This TURTLENECK! What’s even better is that it’s only $17.99 and such a good piece to wear on it’s own or to layer!

I love a good GRAPHIC TOP and this one in bright and so cute.

Another good THERMAL that’s available in 5 really amazing neutrals! I’m in love.

This is the top I’m wearing in the above photo but in the color sands!  This ARDEN TEE is what I’ve been wearing on repeat!  I suggest sizing down on this one.

I linked this LONG SLEEVE BLOUSE in a previous post and had to do it again because it’s just so good.  It’s flattering on and looks incredible dressed down with some boyfriend jeans and sneakers or dressed up with some skinny’s and boots!

I’ve been eyeing this LEOPARD PRINT TOP for months now and it finally just came back in stock!  Getting this one STAT!

Run!  This SKYE TEE is on sale and I love the subtle button detail and layered edges. So so cute. 

This SLOUCHY TEE is available in 5 different colors and is only $38.  I want this in every color!!  I think it would be so cute with a skirt.

I love this SHERPA HENLEY!  It’s the perfect statement piece for winter and looks so comfortable.

Never have I ever had a more comfortable PULLOVER I love that this is oversized without making you look oversized!  I would suggest sizing down on this one.

This is quite possibly my all time favorite LONG SLEEVE GRAPHIC TEE.  What I love most is the length and thin material!  So good.


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