Boys + Girls Holiday Gift Guide


Shopping for my kiddos has to be my favorite. There are SO many kid-centered brands & stores that make Christmas shopping so easy, yet so hard! I want to get them everything! I try & get my kids a good mix of gifts for Christmas. I always buy them a few outfits & some toys that they’ve been wanting as well!

I have these AVAUMA PAJAMAS for Ruck but now I want a pair in every color!  They have so many good options for both girls and boys and the quality is incredible.  The best part is that the sizes range from baby to girls/boys sizes. 

This set of WOODEN EGGS is adorable.  Milo & Ruckus love playing ‘restaurant’, so I’m excited to add it to their collection of play food.

I swear there is nothing cuter in the world than this TOOTH TENT from Anthropologie.  They put their lost tooth in it for the tooth fairy and I love that it makes the tooth fairies job SO MUCH EASIER.  I’m also a sucker for anything creative like this.

Milo takes this ABDTECH KIDS CAMERA everywhere we go.  She takes after her parents for sure!  This is the perfect digital camera for your kid’s because it’s easy to use and they can just click away.  It’s so fun to see the world through their eyes!

Obsessed with the floral print of these AVAUMA PAJAMAS that I’m going to get for Milo.  Now I just need to figure out how to get them to make a pair in my size!

Milo has these FLOWER SUNNIES and won’t leave the house without them.  I can’t blame her, they’re so good.

I can’t believe the deal Amazon has for these KID’S FIRE TABLETS!  2 for $150!  My kids love taking these on flights & road trips & I love them as much as they do on flights and road trips.  My kids don’t make a peep and there are so many fun learning and creative games for them to play.

I cannot believe that I found the same exact DOLLHOUSE that Milo has on Amazon!  This dollhouse is a fun craft to do with your kids.  Milo and I have had so much fun revamping it. We painted it but I actually really like the look of the natural wood.  We also added new wallpaper (scrapbook paper) and flooring (popsicle sticks).

I would definitely get this OLLI ELLA DOLLHOUSE FURNITURE SET to go along with the dollhouse mentioned above!  How cute are the details? The rug?! So good.

Milo is obsessed with anything that has to do with animals & I already know how much she will adore this OWLEEZ INTERACTIVE PET.  She’s been eyeing them at Target and I’m excited to get her one for Christmas.

There is no cuter stuffed animal on the planet than CUDDLE + KIND. How cute are these rainbow unicorns?!  They have so many great options but this Unicorn has been Milo’s favorite.

Dying over this DYSON CORDLESS KIDS’ VACUUM!  It’s so cute!  I am all for the kids mimicking what I do, as long as it includes cleaning!  I think they’d have a riot with this.

I’ve never seen a more beautiful PLAY KITCHEN in my life!  The color scheme is so perfect and simple.  My kids would die for this.

Camping runs in my family’s veins so I know how much fun my kids would have with this adorable MINI CAMPER PLAYHOUSE!  

Everything made by Melissa & Doug is so cute.  I’m thinking of adding this WOODEN FOOD PLAY SET to my kid’s play food collection as well!  These ones are fun because they can be diced.

Milo has a few of these MICE IN A BOX and they’re so adorable!  She loves playing with them in her dollhouse.

This DOLLHOUSE is another great gift idea for your littles!  I love how it latches shut & has a handle. So precious.

This ROCKET TOY SET is one of my favorite finds for Ruckus!  I can see his imagination going while he plays with this.

This STUFFED OCTOPUS is just so cute.  It would look so good propped right on the kids beds or on their dresser.  It has the perfect pop of color!

Ruckus would be over the moon about this DINOSAUR NIGHT LIGHT!  He’s alllll boy for sure and he’s at that age now where he wants just a bit of light when he goes to bed.

Milo and Ruckus could play on these SCOOTERS all day if I’d let them!  They have so much fun on them.  By far my best purchase yet!

Here’s that same SCOOTER in pink!

This little CERAMIC RAINBOW would look so cute in a little girls’ room!  If you haven’t noticed, these just happen to be all of my favorite colors right now.

These DRESS GIRL DOLLS are so precious!  I’d love to get all 3 for Milo.

I’ve heard a lot of great things about these VTECH WATCHES for kids & they sound so cool!  I love that it encourages kids to learn and stay active!

As much fun as my kids like playing ‘horse-riding’ with Ben, they would love this RIDE-ON PLUSH PONY!  The kids just slightly bounce up and the horse starts moving forward.  I wish they had one for me! Imagine all of the chores I could get done riding this thing around without ever having to stand up.

Milo would wear these DONSJE ANIMAL PURSES around everywhere!  What’s even better is that it’s not obnoxious, bright, or an overly sparkly kids purse.  It’s cute!

Both Milo & Ruck have an OLLI ELLA SUITCASE & LOVE them. They’re the perfect size for your kids and they’re just so darn cute.

I want to get this PUPPY CUDDLE + KIND ANIMAL for Rucks bed.  He’s such a dapper little guy.

Milo would be obsessed with this little GUARDIAN ANGEL MOUSE.  It also comes in a little suitcase for carrying around! So cute.

This WOODEN CAMERA is perfect for the kids to pretend play with! 

Found this WOOD CASTLE BUILDING BLOCK SET on Nordstrom & know that my kids would have a hayday playing with it!  It’s a 150 piece set for $40! Steal deal.

Milo has this HONEY RATTAN DAYBED in her room & it’s one of my best furniture purchases ever.  Not to mention, it’s 40% off!

I love gifting each of my kids a new book for Christmas & Anthro has some great options!  I got THIS ONE for Raen this year!

Anthropologie’s kid’s products are the cutest I’ve seen, especially this KOALA BACKPACK

I’d love to get the kids this FUJIFILM POLAROID CAMERA! They would have so much fun taking this everywhere we go!  My kids are amazed that the camera immediately prints out their picture.

You can never have enough outdoor toys for your kids.  How adorable is this BANWOOD CLASSIC BIKE?  I can already picture their faces on Christmas morning if we got them one of these.

How we survive those nightly newborn feedings while camping and my top fall pieces


This chunky knit cardigan is on sale for $42 right now!  Originally $105 so it’s a steal deal.

Our family recently purchased a Ford Sportsmobile and have been going on weekly family campouts in it.  Now that the weather has cooled down in Arizona, it’s been perfect for some mini road trips and campouts.

I was a little, ok very, nervous about sleeping in a car with our newborn and two other kids but have been surprised at how well it’s worked out!  The van’s rear seat folds down into a bed and has a space next to it where we put this Plum and Sparrow Basinett for baby Raen to sleep.  Then Ruckus and Milo sleep on these two comfy foam toddler mattresses on the van floor and we all fit so insanely perfectly.

Soon we will have a video blog post showing you exactly how we set it all up so stay tuned!

What also helped with those noisy newborn feedings was this $10 sound machine.

Shop more of my favorite fall pieces here!

last weeks recap and high-waisted jeans


Yep, I’ve found myself the ultimate mom JEANS!  They hug you in the right places and have a relaxed fit everywhere else.  I love a good pair of comfortable high waisted jeans and these ones are the winners.

I can’t say enough good things about this TEE.  First, I love that it is a pure white and isn’t sheer.  Secondly, it looks cute paired with some high waisted jeans, skirt, and pretty much anything.  It’s my go-to top these days!

Raen’s romper is from REVERIE THREADS.  It’s the cutest shop with the best cause.  Two sisters decided to start it because the oldest sister has had breast cancer three times and is in remission causing her to be unable to bear her own kids for the next 10 years.  Her younger sister said she would be her surrogate so this shop is how they are raising the money to support the surrogacy!


The home that we bought was brand new but it was already being built by the builder meaning that they picked out everything for the house.  They picked out the paint, hardware, layout, tile, carpet, evvveerrryyything.  It’s so great because it’s a brand new build but the bummer is that the details are not what we would have picked out.  It’s still absolutely beautiful but we figured that before we move in, we might as well make the changes now, especially because my kids have asthma and taking out tile is insanely dusty.

This past week we’ve been busy finalizing the home updates.  We decided to have Ben tear out the tile that was everywhere on the main floor of the house, which is a big amount of tile.  I was the moral support!  If you are debating on whether or not to tear out the tile on your own, I don’t suggest it!  We had no idea what we were getting ourselves in to.  Ben was even able to borrow professional tools from our friend who is a contractor and it’s taken far more time than we expected and was way more work.  But, if you have the drive to do it and want to save money, then go for it!

We decided to replace the tile with a hardwood and I cannot wait to see it in the space.  The tile before was a dark grey and I’m thinking that this wood will help to open everything up and will add more light.  Once that is done, we can finally move in!  We will be replacing the countertops, hardware and light fixtures as well so I can’t wait to share photos of the finished product!

Milo started dance twice a week for two hours at a time and she loves it.  If you followed along on Instagram last year, Milo would come home from gymnastics and would show everyone what she learned.  It was one of my favorite story segments because she is so uncoordinated that watching her try and do a summersault or splits was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen!  It usually ended with her flopping uncontrollably in one direction or another.  I’m thinking maybe we should start it back up again.

Ben decided to take the kids along with him to Utah this weekend because he had a wedding he was photographing and wanted to make a road trip out of it.  Because we used to live up there we have lots of friends and Ben’s family who could help out with the kids while he was busy working.  I’m not going to lie, the idea of the kids being away for the weekend gave me anxiety.  I’ve never been home without Milo and Ruck.  Ben has also never taken them both on a road trip so combining the two things together, (let’s be honest, it’s probably my hormones that are getting the best of me) it made me nervous.  When I said goodbye, I cried.  I know, I’m lame and normally I’m down for some “me” time but this was all too unfamiliar.  But, the more that time went by I realized it was something that was needed for all of us!  The kids are having the time of their life with Ben.  He’s probably the funnest person around so I’m sure no one is surprised by that but it has been good for them to spend some one on one time with him for several days.  They are all so excited because on the way back they are sleeping at Lake Powell in Ben’s van.  I did learn that most motherly things go out the window like brushing the kids teeth, making sure they have good meals, and putting Milo in her own clothes and not Ruckus’ but hey, this is a trip they will never forget.  Don’t worry, never in a million years would Ben read my blog so I’m safe calling him out on those things!

Raen and I got some much needed one on one time as well while the rest of the crew were away.  I didn’t realize how much of it we were missing until this weekend.  It’s been good to sit and snuggle my newborn, uninterrupted.  He’s been sleeping better than he has since he’s been here with us and I know it’s because he doesn’t have the kids around to wake him up.  He’s getting those z’s that he needs for to cover him for the next few weeks when the kids are around again I think haha.

I hope you all enjoyed your Labor Day weekend!