Winter break is officially over and so is my downtime.  You know what that means?  It means that I’m back at it and am so excited to share all of the details on my playhouse remodel!  I purchased THIS playhouse and was thrilled when I found out that they decided to make it in white (it only came as a dark wood before) saving me lots of time not having to paint the entire thing.  The table, door, chalkboard and roof all came as a dark gray but I gave them a good painting to brighten them up.


Before I began assembling the playhouse, I wanted to get everything painted first.  Here is everything I used!


  • For the door + table I used THIS paint and color.
  • I am unable to find it online but I used PPG Glidden paint in the color Antique Linen for the roof
  • I used this cheap $10 PAINTBRUSH SET
  • I also wanted to change the mailbox flag and the chalk board to try and match the roof so THIS was the spray paint I used.
  • THIS is the spray paint I used for the numbers and door handle




I made sure that before I began to paint I had a tarp to lay everything out on because painting is MESSY!  I ended up doing two coats on each piece to effectively cover the dark gray.  I let the first coat sit for a few hours before I applied the second.

Once the painting was done, it was time to assemble the playhouse and I was so excited!  I could not wait to get it all put together so that I could officially see the finished product.


I do have one suggestion when it comes to assembling the playhouse — ALWAYS read the step that you are on AND the step that comes after.  Trust me, I learned the hard way!  For some reason these instructions don’t come with any writing, just a drawn picture of what you are supposed to do and I noticed that I was doing things incorrectly every once in a while.  For example, the big mistakes were when I would place a wood panel upside down because I wouldn’t notice that one side would have holes for screws and the other wouldn’t.  Once I would get to the next step I would see that I had drilled the entire panel in wrong and have to retrace my steps!

 I also made an AMAZON LIST dedicated just to this playhouse with some cute toy food, rug, play mixer, these wooden hooks and market bags + more!



I finally finished everything and could not wait for the kids to see!  The hardest thing was that I had it hidden over at my parents neighbors house and needed to get it to my backyard Christmas Eve night.  Luckily my brothers and parents live close so we called in all the man power we could find and they lifted it over some walls, drove it over, and placed it perfectly on our back patio.

Christmas morning came and the kids opened every present.  I found one present left and on the box it said, “Ho ho ho!  Run to the backyard for a BIG surprise!  Love, Santa”.  The kids ran out back and were so excited.  Well, Milo was at least.  Ruck was just excited about his new Nerf guns but now he loves to play in it.  Raen is also a big fan so it was the perfect Santa gift for everyone to enjoy!

We had the best Christmas and even now the kids will be outside playing for HOURS.  I think I ended up getting the best Christmas present of all — busy + happy kids!


My favorite Rattan Furniture

Rattan Furniture

I’ve been obsessing over this PINK VELVET CHAIR for months now.   I’ve been debating between the pink velvet or the light blue and the struggle is real!  They’re both so great and hopefully one day soon I can make up my mind!

I have this MIRROR and talked about it in a previous post but I love it even more in person than online, which I didn’t think was possible!  It looks so good being placed horizontally or vertically.

I was so pleasantly surprised when I found this WHITE PADDED DINING CHAIR.  It’s so simple and sleek that I thought it would have been double the price!

This RATTAN CHAIR is only $98 and would be cute paired with a pillow like THIS for a pop of color or THIS for a more subtle, light look.

I love this END TABLE and have it next to my front door.  I have it decorated with a white vase and some PAMPAS GRASS STEMS.  It’s a great price too!

I bought this COFFEE TABLE + SIDE TABLE set last summer and still love them just as much!  The coffee table is a great size and the side table is upstairs with a big vase on it.  They’re the perfect statement pieces for any room.

Currently obsessing over these DINING CHAIRS for our little breakfast table.  They’re so cute!

My sister in law has this COFFEE TABLE and it’s incredible!  If you want to splurge, which I suggest doing on big forever home pieces, this is a really great option!  It’s large and sturdy and adds that perfect touch to her family room.

Milo has this DAYBED and it’s on sale right now!  It’s a great price and fits a twin mattress perfectly.  I had been eyeing a much more expensive rattan daybed but when I found this one, I was not only happy with the price but I was happy with the style!  It’s adorable in her room.

If you’re looking for a RATTAN BED that’s not a daybed, this is it!  I like how the headboard isn’t overwhelming.  This bed is simple yet stunning.

I have had this LOUNGE CHAIR in my room for months now and I love it so much that I’ve decided to move it down into my family room.  I hated the idea of hiding it away where no one else could see it because it’s that good

Please take a moment to pause because this COFFEE TABLE comes in a size small and large and is such a great price!

This SIDE TABLE reminds me of palm fawns and I’m here for it!  I also really like the hard, white top!

You know how I mentioned a more expensive DAYBED I was obsessed with earlier in this post but I didn’t want to pay the price for it?  This is that daybed.  It’s really good.

I haven’t seen many side chairs with a pop of white and this SIDE CHAIR is everything.

This HANDWOVEN SIDE TABLE is amazing.  You can see all of the time and detail that was put into this thing and the price says it too.  It is expensive but it is one of those forever pieces.

I’ve seen some really incredible vintage RATTAN SHELF UNITs and this one looks just like them!  I love it so much.

I’ve been loving these WOVEN CHAIRS for almost a year now and I think they would look amazing on an outdoor patio!  That or in pretty much any room in someone’s house.  It’s basically a win-win.

It’s not easy to find a good RATTAN FLOOR MIRROR and this one nailed it!

I’m thinking about buying this STORAGE UNIT, not because I actually need a storage unit but because it would look so good in my bedroom.   I’m still working on trying to justify why I need it.. If you’re lucky and do need an extra place to store clothes when guests come or just to help tidy up around the house, this unit is it.

I love a good STORAGE CABINET  and this one is so cute!

This CHAIR from Serena and Lily is one of those splurges that you get and love forever!


Milo’s Bathroom Remodel





Tile from Concrete Collaborative I Stool (similar one) I Wall Shelf

                                     BEFORE                                                              AFTER





Faucet I Oversized Drain Stopper

                              BEFORE                                                                    AFTER


 Soap Dispenser I Mirror I Toothbrush + Makeup brush Holder


Wall Shelf I Vase


Towel Rack


Trinket Bowls are handmade and a post will be coming soon!



Female Form Vase in color Peach I Face Vase (sold out but another one that I love)

I’ve been so excited to share the before and after’s of Milo’s bathroom remodel.  I justified to my husband that because it’s our little girls bathroom, we needed pink and gold tile.  But if I’m being honest, I’d be doing pink and gold tile in my bathroom in a heartbeat!  I love it even more than I thought I would and I didn’t think that was possible.  I found this tile from Concrete Collaborative and it’s available in several different colors.  What I loved most was putting together the pattern for the bathroom.  I first started with a large rainbow as the focal point then added on from there.  Overall it took me probably an hour and a half just to lay the pattern out for the entire bathroom because I’m a little meticulous, if you can’t tell.

We used an Ikea vanity and countertop and love how it turned out.  The vanity was a pain to put in, as you can expect when it comes to Ikea furniture, but once it was installed we have no complaints!  

I also put together an Amazon List with some of my favorite bathroom items including items that are pictured above.  Some of the items you will find is toothbrush holder, towel hooks, stool, trash bin, bath mat, sink faucet, oversized sink drain, etc!