Ruckus’ Room

DSC08120DSC08123 (1)DSC08127DSC08139 (1)DSC08142DSC08156DSC08163DSC08181DSC08196DSC08202DSC08208DSC08232Room Details: Crib, DresserCrib sheets (similar here & here), Blanket (Under $20!), Leather Chair, Picture frame, Metal Basket (sold out, but I love this one and this one), Pouf (similar here & here), Deer (old, similar here), Woven wall hangingPiggy bank, Cactus, Pillows (also here & here), Stuffed animals, Wooden toysChandelier

Finally owning a home again feels amazing. We loved our home in Arizona and are really sad it’s now for sale because we feel like it is closure that we really don’t live there anymore. We were sad to be leaving our beautiful home in Arizona for a rental in Utah, but we just wanted to be able to spend some time in the city and really get a feel for what living there would really be like before buying again. And I can definitely say we love Utah! Our rental was great and we really lucked out because it was already so cute, but we definitely didn’t feel like it was “ours” and weren’t able to add touches that really fit our personalities and design style! We love the outdoors and we love bringing those elements into our home. I posted about Milo’s room here, and we have finally finished Ruckus’ room!

When Ben and I decided to design and decorate Ruck’s room, we wanted it to be simple, have clean lines, but still practical for him, Milo, and us to all play in. We started by picking a paint color because I knew I wanted to do an accent wall behind his crib. We lived in California for a while and we all love the ocean, so a calming blue was an easy choice. We ended up going with Behr in the color Ovation. I had this crib and this dresser before moving into our house, but I loved them so much that we kept them!

We wanted all of the elements in his room to be pretty kid-proof and easy to maintain. I found this amazing metal basket that I knew belonged in his room. I fell in love with the mountains when we moved here and I love the way the lines totally look similar to mountain range. This kid-safe cactus was a no brainer; we are all Arizona obsessed.

Mixing patterns and textures is something I love about designing a space. We really like natural materials so I use a lot of linens and leather and patterns with lines, dots, and geometric shapes. I would definitely say we try to go for a more mid-century modern feel, but with our own Christensen touch! And same goes for the toys. We try and support small shops and beautiful hand-crafted toys made from natural materials; they add a design element, just by themselves! We are definitely more minimal than most. We try and keep our spaces organized and I love that his room is so easy to clean, because if you have little boys, I bet you understand how quickly it can go from clean to a complete disaster!

This room would definitely be achievable even if we were in a rental, but I would have probably just used an easy, semi-permanent wall paper for the accent wall. We are all so happy with how it turned out and we love having spaces that our kids love to play in!

The hill shed


I had way too much fun shopping at the Hill Shed the other day.  Hillary is the owner of this cute shed and she put together some of her favorite goodies for her semi annual sale.  If you are located in Arizona, it’s a must stop shop.  Make sure you follow her on Instagram or check out her blog to find out when her next sale is.


Mothers day roundup

mothers day roundup

  1. Teak Candle How fun is this candle?   What’s even better is once the candle is gone, you can use it as a planter for succulents.
  2. Black Mules These heels seem like the perfect everyday shoe.  The heel isn’t too high and they still add that bit of style to any outfit.
  3. Indigo Pillow Add this pillow to any room for the additional pop of color you’re looking for.  I just got a vintage indigo lumbar pillow from this very shop and am still drooling over how much life it adds to my bedroom.
  4. Bath Bomb Not only does this bath bomb make your tub turn vibrant, glittery colors but the smells are amazing!  It soothes your skin and smells incredible.
  5. Tote Bag Madewell just knows how to do women’s bags.
  6. Maillot Looking for the cutest one piece?  Found it!
  7. Makeup Palette If you haven’t tried Maskcara Cosmetics you’re missing out!  You have great coverage and when you’re finished applying it, your face has the perfect glow.
  8. Maxi Dress A dress that’s big, cute and comfy has my name written all over it.

Now guys, do your baby momma a favor and get to it!