42 Holiday Gift Guide ideas!

I’ve been scouring the internet finding all sorts of gifts to add to my wishlist for Christmas!  Ben always asks what I want but I love a good surprise, that’s where he and I are different. I want a surprise and he wants to know exactly what he’s getting.  Because of that, he wants me to tell him, “I WANT THIS..” but that takes the fun out of it for me! So, I decided to get creative and I put together a wishlist of everything I would love to have without knowing exactly what he might get.

I swear that all of these websites and brands have the BEST products out for the holidays.  The amount of gift ideas is endless! There’s some pretty great clothing, shoes, beauty products, home & electronics to shop from!

womensggpaige copy

I’m wearing this TULLE MIDI SKIRT from Anthropologie & I am obsessed with it. Seriously, the perfect skirt for the holidays!

I think I have this BODYSUIT from Amazon in every color. It’s my absolute favorite! Fits true to size & is only $15! You can’t beat it.

These OLD SKOOL PLATFORM VANS may just be my new favorite white sneakers. 

These NET BAGS from Amazon are the best. They’re perfect for the beach, the gym, as a purse or even at the grocery store! They make the best gift & are only $7.

I’ve shared this BED HEAD DEEP WAVER before & still love it just as much!  It gives my hair the best volume & wave! I even use it on Milo’s hair every once and awhile.  It’s only $26 so it really does make a great gift!

Ok, these SUPER SCRUNCHIES from Free People are so cute & come in so many colors.  This will take your messy buns & ponies to the next level.

First of all, this MOSTLY MEADOW BLOUSE — SO cute. That yellow color is too good.

I love this PARIS CONVERTIBLE BACKPACK from Free People. All of the color options are incredible (which makes it hard to decide which one I’d like).

I posted a family picture wearing this WHAT A STUNNER DRESS the other day & needed to share the link. It’s the BEST. So comfortable and versatile. You could wear it with heels for the holidays or sneakers for a more casual look.

I saw these SHERPA LINED VANS from Madewell and just about died. If these don’t scream cute AND comfortable, I don’t know what does!

These INDIO SUNGLASSES from Madewell are only $50 and are adorable!  I’m a sunglass fanatic & would love to add these to my collection.

I swear, Charlotte Tillbury’s PILLOW TALK LIPSTICK is hands down the best lipstick color and it goes with every skin tone! This set comes with the lipstick & lip liner.  The best gift! 

I need to jump on the SLIP SILK PILLOWCASE bandwagon.  I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about these and how beneficial they are for your skin & hair while you sleep.

I’ve had my eye on this CHARLOTTE TILLBURY COMPLETE FACE PALETTE for awhile now!  I love all the neutral tones and how much blush, contour, highlighter and eyeshadow are all located in the same place!

I need allll the colors that this FLEECE PULLOVER comes in.  I love the idea of slipping it on to head to workout class or pairing it with a cute midi skirt.  I’m all about it.

ORIBE’S DRY TEXTURIZING SPRAY is by far my favorite hair product!  Not only does it smell amazing, it adds the best texture to my hair after I’ve curled or waved it.

I think I need this VANITY MAKEUP ORGANIZER from Anthropologie.  Seems like a great way to buckle down on the unnecessary clutter!

This CHARGING DOCK from Free People is so cool.  All you have to do is lay down your phone or Apple Watch on the pad & it charges overnight! 

I love these LACE UP PLATFORM DR MARTENS. My Dr. Martens are my go-to winter boots.  They look incredible with any outfit and nothing is better than a no brainer shoe!

I can’t get over this LACK OF COLOR LYSETTE RANCHER HAT.  Any hat from Lack of Color is pure gold.  You can never own too many!

I’ve been eyeing these VEGAN CAVALIER BOOTS from Free People for a while now. I love the white with black heel option!  These are a great western bootie for an amazing price!

This JORDAN DRESS is simple yet adorable. It comes in tan or a  blush option & I’m not gunna lie, I want them both!  Also, those balloon sleeves are to die for.

I love my APPLE WATCH so much.  It’s the best for my morning workouts because it tracks my steps & calories that I’ve burned so well!  Not to mention, I love being able to check my messages from my watch. BUT I did the worst thing ever and dropped it so it’s totally and completely broken.  That’s why it’s back on the wishlist.

This MARTE LOUNGE CHAIR is too good to be true.  I originally had this in my family room but I love it so much that I moved it down to my family room but now I need another one!

Gifting these BEACH BUNNY ROLLER SKATES from Urban Outfitters would be so fun! I’m no professional rollerblader, but I would be 100% willing to learn if I had these bad boys.

I have loved using my CRYSTAL FACE ROLLER before bed every night. I apply a night cream and roll this under my eyes and around my face for a few minutes & it works wonders!  Such a great gift or stocking stuffer.

I swear by my ST. TROPEZ SELF TANNING MOUSSE.  It’s the best self tanner on the market applies so smooth without the streaks.  There’s no better gift than the gift of a tan! Ben even applies it too because it’s such a natural looking color.

Can I have a million of these BETSY PILLOWS please?!

I LOVE my MATCH STICK CONCEALER from Fenty. It’s the best! Such a smooth formula and goes on your skin like butter!  I use this for contour around the top of my forehead and right under my cheek bones and it’s a game changer!  I use the color Truffle.

I’m a beanie girl through & through and this CUFFED BEANIE is such a great basic and would be so cute with any outfit!  It comes in some great colors — I need them all!

How cute are these STAR & MOON STUD EARRINGS?!  I love a simple earring and these are perfect.

If you know me, you know I’m all about being comfortable and these flowy pants are everything.  Gifting these WEEKEND WARRIOR PANTS is the best idea! 

I need a pair of these FRIDA PLATFORM SNEAKERS STAT.  The colors are amazing, especially the mauve accents.  I love them!

If Arizona winters weren’t so dang warm, I’d be all over this HAPPY DAY DREAMER JACKET.  The quilted pattern is so cute & I love the length!  Ben if you’re reading this, you can still get it for our Utah trip..

This CROSLEY FLORAL RECORD PLAYER is the cutest record player I’ve seen!  You could gift this along with a few fun records. 

If you’ve never owned a bag from Madewell, now’s your time to ask Santa for one. I love this SIMPLE POUCH BELT BAG. This is the perfect size for all your essentials and great to wear to places like the zoo or Disneyland!

I’ve smelt this GLOSSIER YOU FRAGRANCE & it’s AMAZING.  Who doesn’t need a good perfume in their life?  This is a great gift or even stocking stuffer!

This BENSON RANCHER is the perfect neutral hat that will go with any outfit.  I love the two brown tones on this one!

I can’t tell you how many times Ben & I have gotten our Airpods mixed up so I’m definitely asking for this LEATHER AIRPODS CASE!  So cute & I love the keychain feature.

The pink color of this CYLO IPHONE CASE is beautiful!  Not to mention it’s only $18.

Over half of the jeans I own are Levi’s.  They’re the best and have such a great fit.  I love my WEDGIE FIT STRAIGHT JEANS!

I loooove my GLOSSIER SKIN TINT!  This is another concealer I have & it adds the perfect amount of coverage to your face.  It’s so natural that it looks like you don’t have anything on! The best gift.


My favorite time of the year — SWEATER SEASON


Give me something big, slouchy, and comfortable and I’m all over it!  I’m the type of person that gets home and immediately changes into pajamas because I can’t stand the thought of being uncomfortable.  As you can imagine, sweater season is my favorite!  I feel like I’m wearing a big blanket and the best part is, sweaters are easy to pair with pretty much anything.

  • This is my favorite COLORBLOCK SWEATER this season!  I love the neutral cream and pink tones.
  • My favorite SLOUCHY TURTLENECK SWEATER .  Call me cliche but I want to wear this next to a fire drinking hot chocolate.  It just looks so cozy!
  • This OVERSIZED SUN SWEATER  is so good!  I’m not usually one to go for a yellow but something drew me to this one!  It’s available in 6 reaaaaallllyyy good colors and the fit also looks incredible.
  • I love the idea of a fun up-do with this MOCK NECK SWEATER.  
  • This WAFFLE SWEATER has two zippers in the front making it a little edgy.  This would be cute paired with some chunky boots and skinny jeans.  It’s also available in a really great rust color!
  • Yep, just bought this SAGE SWEATER . The crop on this sweater is incredible and I love the bubble sleeves.
  • This BEIGE SWEATER that I’m wearing is so incredibly comfortable and is available in 6 other cute colors.  I’m wearing a size medium but would probably go with a size small because it’s already a bit oversized.
  • I love the fit of this CREW NECK SWEATER.  It’s oversized (you know I love a good oversized top) and would look good paired with jeans, a skirt or even over the top of a dress!
  • I just bought this COLORBLOCK SWEATER and I absolutely love the tones.  I just found out that it has a matching pair of pants and now I’m thinking I need them..  This top is cute styled on it’s own but just in case you’re like me and love a good set, HERE is the link to the pants.
  • I’m a sucker for a good OVERSIZED SWEATER and this one is available in four colors.
  • This ROSE SWEATER is one of my favorite colors this season.  I’m pretty sure I’ve purchased three tops in this color within the past month or two and I’m thinking this would be a good addition..  I love the idea of this sweater being paired with a khaki pant or patterned pant.
  • I love the cuffed sleeves on this CREAM SWEATER.  It would look cute paired with some light colored boyfriend jeans!


Sweater I Pant I Beanie

Happy shopping!



I was surprised at how easy these earrings were to make!  In one sitting I was able to create 5 pairs.  I think that’s more earrings than I’ve had in years!


What you will need

  • Sculpey Clay in the desired colors you want for your earrings.  You can mix clay like I did below but it is always easier if you purchase it in a color that’s pre-made.
  • Earring studs and hoops.  If you have sensitive ears then make sure you purchase them in Sterling Silver.  The studs are hidden so if you have sensitive ears but like the look of gold and want the gold hoops, that’s not a problem!  You won’t really see the silver.
  • Clay Tools – used to cut out earrings
  • Clay Sandpaper
  • Clay rolling pin or you could use a glass bottle or cup.
  • Sculpy Glue– this is used to glue the earring studs onto the clay.
  • Sculpy Glaze– I suggest using this glaze on white clay products so that your makeup doesn’t stain your earrings.
  • Pliers

The craft store didn’t have the color I was looking for so I mixed the dark brown and light pink clay to create my desired color (see below).



* Finding clay cutters in some of the shapes that you want the earrings to be in does make it easier.  But you won’t always be able to find the exact shape you are looking for.

  1. Use your rolling pin to roll out the clay.  If you are creating a two piece earring using a hoop to connect the two, you will want to make sure that the hoop is big enough to fit around both of your clay shapes.  That being said, you also don’t want the clay to be too thin or else the earring will break!  Once you start rolling out the clay, you will see what I’m referring to.


2. Once you have your desired shapes, make a small hole that’s wide enough to fit the gold hoop at the bottom of one of your pieces (see above photo).  You will then take your second shape (this is the one that will be hanging at the bottom of the earring) and place a hole at the top of this piece.  These holes will be used to connect the two shapes using a hoop once the clay is cooked.


3. Place the clay shapes for your earrings on a glass baking dish.


4.  Using the Sculpey Bake and Bond you will apply glue onto the back of your earring stud and place it at the top of your first clay shape.  Make sure when you are placing your stud, the hole is directly at the bottom.  This will allow the earring to hang evenly when you eventually attach the two pieces.

5.  Follow the instructions on the back of your Sculpey Bake and Bond bottle and bake your clay.


6.  Let your clay cool then using your clay sandpaper, smooth the edges of your earrings.

7.  If you like the matte look on your earrings then leave them be.  If you want a little bit of gloss to keep them from getting dirty (I definitely would put it on your white earrings) then add the Sculpey Glaze.

8.  Using your gold hoops, connect the two pieces and your earrings are complete!