My makeup routine


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  1. I’ve used MASKCARA‘S face makeup for years now and I’ve always been a big fan.  It’s a cream type of makeup so it doesn’t give you that matte look, which I like!  I feel like your face has a natural glow to it so I like having something that gives me that same look.  Maskcara is contouring but they make it so easy that anyone can do it.
  2. This PRIMER works wonders for me!  I always notice the biggest difference on the days I remember to put it on and the days that I don’t.  When I do remember it, my makeup stays on longer and doesn’t need any touch ups throughout the day.
  3. I think I’ve raved to you guys a whole bunch about this BOY BROW but it’s one of those finds that once you try it, you can’t live without it.  I love the color and shape that it gives to my brows.
  4. I use a this PENCIL in the color brunette to give my brows a little bit more fullness and shape.
  5. This EYELINER is long lasting and allows me to easily control the shape that I want it to be.  I’ve used it for probably 12 years now!  I use it alongside this BRUSH.
  6. You guys, I bought this GLOW PALETTE last week and am obsessed!  This gives you the perfect glow and the shade on the far right makes for the prettiest eyeshadow.  You only need a tiny bit on your finger for the perfect amount so you know this palette will last forever.
  7. CLOUD PAINT has changed my blush game.  They come in these small tubes and when I got it I immediately thought, “great, this will last a month”, but I’ve had it now for almost a year and it’s still going.  All you have to do is dab it onto your cheeks for a pillowy, natural color.  I use the color Puff.
  8. This HAC BRUSH works perfectly for applying creamy or liquid type foundations.  I use it with my MASKCARA products for contouring.
  9. I use this BRUSH for the days that I use bronzer.  It’s so incredibly soft that nothing blobs on, it applies everything evenly.
  10. I’ve used this EYELINER BRUSH for years and years now and it makes it easy to apply the perfect line onto your eyelid smoothly.



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  1. This LIPSTICK color in Driftwood seems like ideal color for every day.  Whether your shopping, running errands, taking kids to school, whatever it may be, I love this neutral tone!
  2. Oh man, I’ve been wanting this SKIN TINT forever now and finally just made the purchase yesterday!  Just watch the video tutorial they show you and you’ll see what I’m talking about.
  3. I’ve heard amazing things about this CONTOUR CONCEALER.  My friends say that it gives the perfect coverage!
  4. + 5. These EYESHADOW PALETTE’S have both the natural tones you want and the shimmery tones you want.  I NEED THEM!


My weekend outfit and other comparable favorites

Jumper I Clogs I Jacket

  1. I am loving this JUMPER!  It’s one that I can wear while pregnant (until my belly gets too big) and I can’t wait to wear it afterwards as well.  The back has straps that cross and would also be cute paired with a t-shirt underneath.  Another JUMPER I just bought and am digging.
  2. I’m pretty sure I’ve talked about these CLOGS so much that you’re all probably over it.  BUT they’re still my favorite.  I pair them with everything and I can’t believe how comfortable they are. HERE is another pair that are pretty dang cute and affordable!  They’re 35% off, so run!
  3. This JACKET is actually found in the men’s section but I loved the color of it and you won’t find it available in women’s.  I bought it in a size small.


Happy shopping and weekend!




Valentine’s Day picks

OVERALLS (they’re not maternity, I just bought mine a few sizes bigger.  They’re only $29!)

I’m really excited about today’s lineups!  I have the most perfect trinkets, accessories and swimsuits for V-Day.  I also picked out some of my favorite Valentine’s Day themed wardrobe pieces that I know you will love!


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  1.  I love love this swimsuit!  It not only has a little bit of an old school vibe but it’s not a bad price either!
  2.  This room mist seems like a game changer!  It smells insanely good, is made with essential oils, and it’s labeled Pure Love.  I meannnnn, if you spray it and it doesn’t get you in the lovey dovey mood then I don’t know what does.
  3.  Ok guys, I’ve posted about this before but this Boy Brow is a must have for everyone!!!  It’s a creamy wax formula that fills in your brows and keeps them in place.  It gives your brows a thicker, more natural look.
  4.   I just bought this Nikki Minaj MAC lipstick.  I love the color!
  5.   This phone case had me fooled because I thought these were real, pressed daisies.  It’s so dang cute.
  6.   I’ve also posted about this cloud paint (blush) before because it’s just so good.  You only need a tiny bit of it on your finger to lightly dab onto the apples of your cheeks.  I use it every morning.
  7.   I just bought this planter!  It’s a subtle peach making it not too girly so your dude won’t mind having it around the house.  Why not use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to get this cute guy.
  8.   This swimsuit.  Enough said.  Ok, I will tell you that I found it $15 cheaper than I’ve seen it anywhere else.
  9.   Get ready to pucker up with this lip exfoliant.
  10.   Imagine these socks with a simple dress or overalls!
  11.   For whatever reason as a red-head I feel like it’s hard to find a good red lipstick.  I had pretty much given up hope until I found this red MAC lipstick by Sia.
  12.   This eyeshadow palette is so good.  I love the neutral tones and little bits of sparkle.
  13.   Use this pillow not only for the month of February!


1 23456 78

  1.   What I would give to be able to wear this dress while being pregnant!
  2.   Yep, totally bought this bow and #7.
  3.   I feel like this tee couldn’t have come at a better time!  With everything going on around us and it being Valentine’s Day, I think this one is a no brainer.
  4.   I’m all about some simple tee‘s that are easy to pair with different outfits.  This one comes in navy and pink.
  5.   Obsessed with these pants!  I love the wide leg and the floral pattern.
  6.   These culottes are only $20!
  7.   Got this bow scrunchie today!  If you buy 3 they are only $12.
  8.   Love Is The Answer tee.  Amen!



Happy Valentine’s Day shopping (or an excuse to shop day), friends!