Wide-leg bottoms that only dreams are made of

I love how comfortable wide leg pants are.  I’m the type of person that will wear a pair of tight jeans and the second I’m home, rush to my room to get back into pajamas.  I’m such a sucker when it comes to comfort and wide-leg pants definitely make all of my lazy, grunge dreams come true.  I don’t feel the urge to get back into pajamas and for me that’s HUGE.

HERE is the shirt I am wearing in the above photo and HERE are the pants which just so happen to be on sale for more than half off!  I do suggest sizing down a size because they stretch a bit after being worn.  I’m so happy with these pants because I’m 5’6″ and finding a pair of wide-leg pants that aren’t too long can be hard and these fit perfectly.

Find my very favorite wide leg pants below!

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My top 12 favorite loungewear bottoms


I’m the type of person that pretty much lives in pajamas.  I think I could confidently say that 80% of my life is spent in cozy clothes.  That being said, I love finding comfortable joggers, pajama pants, and loungewear that can be worn on the go without looking like, “hey, that chick is in her pajamas”.  Does that make sense?

Anyway,  here are my top picks!  HERE are the bottoms I am wearing in the above photo.  I absolutely love how soft they are and the fit.  They are good price and tone is pretty much my favorite color right now so that doesn’t hurt.

Have fun getting your cozy on!


How we survive those nightly newborn feedings while camping and my top fall pieces


This chunky knit cardigan is on sale for $42 right now!  Originally $105 so it’s a steal deal.

Our family recently purchased a Ford Sportsmobile and have been going on weekly family campouts in it.  Now that the weather has cooled down in Arizona, it’s been perfect for some mini road trips and campouts.

I was a little, ok very, nervous about sleeping in a car with our newborn and two other kids but have been surprised at how well it’s worked out!  The van’s rear seat folds down into a bed and has a space next to it where we put this Plum and Sparrow Basinett for baby Raen to sleep.  Then Ruckus and Milo sleep on these two comfy foam toddler mattresses on the van floor and we all fit so insanely perfectly.

Soon we will have a video blog post showing you exactly how we set it all up so stay tuned!

What also helped with those noisy newborn feedings was this $10 sound machine.

Shop more of my favorite fall pieces here!