Diaper bags are kind of my jam


diaper bag

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Over time I have realized I’m kind of obsessed with diaper bags.  Most girls have their shoe addictions but not me–diaper bags.  What’s even better is I’ve never been a purse person but when it comes to bags for baby gear, I’m all in!  I think it’s because I want something that is practical, cute and makes my life easier.  That is why I decided to do a post about my top 9 favorite mom bags, hope this helps!

 1.  What’s nice about this bag is that it can be a shoulder bag or a backpack and comes with a dispenser slot for pulling wipes through so you can grab a wipe without even having to sift through your bag.

2.  I’ve had this bag for a few years now and have never looked back.  It’s complimentary for both moms + dads and has so many compartments for all of your baby gear.  It’s easy to clean and also offers a laptop pocket.  This bag can be both a backpack and shoulder bag.

3.  I like the simplicity of this bag and how wide it opens–making it easy to see find what you need in your mess of a bag (if you’re anything like me).  It has faux leather making all of those spit up accidents an easy clean up with a simple wipe.

4.   The more reviews I’m writing, the more I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ve got a thing for backpacks.  I also love a good bag with stroller hooks and this one has just that annnd it’s cute with its neutral tones so that’s a bonus.

5.  Ok guys, I have serious love for this bag.  It’s real leather, has a laptop pocket and a side zip for you moms who need a safe place to store your cameras. This compartment even comes in handy for wipes and diapers.  I wouldn’t say it’s an everyday bag for me because I treat it like the holy grail.  I use it on trips and when I want to feel a little fancier because it’s just too good to damage.

6.  This bag offers functionality and style.  It has all the compartments you want and will zip at the top to ensure that your items won’t fall out.  It has leather details and stain resistant cotton fabric.

7.  I mean, I didn’t think this would be a thing but this bag offers a memory foam changing pad.  Whaaaattttt, so cool!  This feature makes for more comfortable changing with less of a fight.  It’s machine washable and offers crumb drains to avoid messes.

8.  I’m pretty sure anything with Rachel Zoe and Quinny will be good, real good.  This bag is so flattering that I almost don’t even care what it can do!  But, for your sake I’ll let you know that it has insulated bottle pockets to keep your bottles warm or cold and a pocket meant just for your phone.  And it can be worn as a backpack so, I’ll take two.

9.  It’s got Minnie and Mickey Mouse on it, what more do you need to know!?  As if it couldn’t get any better it offers 5 pockets in just the interior of the bag and has stroller straps.  It can also be worn as a backpack or shoulder bag and has two exterior bottle pockets.


Happy shopping friends!


our unplanned day


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Some days you just need to embrace having no plans and find adventures along your way.  I packed up the kids and decided we were going to go house hunting in our little town.  While we were driving around we found this beautiful barn that was surrounded by cows.  We’ve been on the search for some horse property so we can have a little farm of our own so seeing the kids around the cows and their excitement for them, it totally made my day.

Milo was cracking me up because she became Ruck’s mom/ tour guide the moment we got out of the car.  She led him all around explaining what everything was and was letting Ruck know all of the “cow sounds” they make.  I’m pretty sure that at one point she barked but hey, what brother doesn’t understand won’t hurt him!

Today was simple and I’m almost positive that we need more of these unplanned days where we have nothing on the schedule.

Hoping you all get to go on an adventure soon.



Family trip to sedona

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 12.18.11 PM


My husband and I were itching for a road trip so one morning we woke up and decided we were going to head to Sedona, AZ.  We’re lucky to have such a beautiful place only a few hours away from us.

We stopped at a few places along the way to get our wiggles out.  We’ve realized quickly that traveling with small children, frequent breaks are a must.  These kids were troopers though.  All Milo needs is a movie and she’s in her own zone that no one can break.  Ruckus usually falls asleep for most of the trip or will end up watching Milo and just laugh at her doing nothing.

When we finally made it to Slide Rock in Sedona, we decided to go swimming before it got too cold.  After that we noticed Milo was like a whole new kid, she began exploring and running around with so much energy.  She was instantly obsessed with hiking and climbing up all of the big, giant rocks.  There was no holding her back from running around like a little mountain goat.  It was a thrill to see how much passion she had for something so new to her.  We’ve been hiking a few times with her before but she had never tried climbing.  Now we’re chomping at the bits to go back, we loved to see this mini mountain goat in action.  I think a road trip is good for the soul.


Mini road trip

My hat / Milos dress

We were driving to Sedona, AZ when all of a sudden we stumbled upon a field of beautiful yellow flowers.  I wish you could have seen Milo’s excitement as we began walking in the middle of them.  Her imagination instantly ran wild and her inner princess came outto play.


My week in photos 





We decided last minute that before we moved into our new house, we’d head to Disneyland.  It was probably a very bad decision from a responsible adults standpoint, but it was worth it!   We had so much fun and it was a perfect way to start the crazy move in process.

Milo had her last soccer game where she got a “shiny”, aka trophy.

We’re all moved into our new place and love every bit of it!  It was quite the process but we are oh so happy it’s done.


a weekend not to be missed



This last weekend Milo and I were excited to finally be able to have mom + daughter time at Disneyland. We headed to California Thursday and went straight there. Milo is normally giddy and can’t contain her excitement when we get to the park, but this time she wasn’t being her normal, crazy self. Instead she was grouchy and tired.  By the end of the night she was complaining that she was “so sick”. When my three-year old is telling me that, I know she must feel pretty bad.

We walked back to the hotel room and that night was a sleepless, miserable night. After trying everything possible, I gave up at 4 am and we watched cartoons. Once 9am rolled around she was panting, wheezing, incredibly uncomfortable, feverish, and eventually throwing up. I rushed her to urgent care.  After x-rays and breathing treatments they sent us straight to the emergency room at CHOC hospital.

The day was filled with more breathing treatments, IVs, and still no naps. Watching Milo struggle to breathe was probably one of the most heart wrenching things I’ve had to endure. By this point she was using secondary muscles to help in the process and her poor body just looked as if it couldn’t handle much more. The doctor told us we wouldn’t be going home because Milo would need more treatments throughout the night.

They wheeled both of us upstairs on Milo’s bed because, of course, she wouldn’t let me get off to walk beside her. They took us to a room where we would be roommates with a second family. If Milo wasn’t up crying then the little boy next to us was. If Milo finally fell asleep then the dad next to us was snoring loud enough to wake a village. Nothing. Was. Working. By 4am I couldn’t take it anymore and neither could Milo. As much as I tried to hide it and be strong for her, we were both up crying. All I wanted was for Milo to get sleep. Her poor body had been working so hard with no rest. I felt like she was only getting worse and wasn’t able to relax. When it came down to it we were just plain pooped. They eventually switched us into a new room and by 6am we finally were able to sleep. Overall we slept about an hour and a half before she needed another breathing treatment.

The doctor came in to check on Milo and ask a few questions once we woke up.

The conversation went a little like this:

Doctor: “Did you have any dreams when you fell asleep?”

Milo: “Yes.”

Doctor: “What did you dream about?”

Milo: “Jesus.”

Doctor: “Oh really? What did Jesus do?”

Milo: “He gave me a BIG hug.”

Doctor: “You keep that sweet heart of yours.”

I can’t believe how amazing our little people are.  I was trying not to cry because I didn’t want Milo to think she had said something wrong.  After the doctor left the room I asked Milo, “What did Jesus do after he hugged you?”  Milo went on to say, “He saved me” and I couldn’t help but cry at that point. Our children are such blessings.  At such a young age she was teaching me lessons I didn’t think were possible. I always had peace that Milo would be ok in the end, but I also knew that we were being watched over that night.  We also received an incredible amount of love and support from friends, family, and a lot of you, and for that I have to say thank you.











IMG_4150When I look back at all of these photos I realize I’m not in a single one (I was there I promise!). I’ve come to the conclusion that is just what happens when your two favorite people are ten times more photogenic than you! And yes, If you’ve noticed in 3/4 pictures Milo’s doing the same pose. She’s getting more and more into poses lately, I like to think this one came from her dad.

I can’t help but to think that when we go to visit next, I’ll have two kids in tow. KIDS, I still can’t believe it won’t just be one anymore. Don’t be surprised if you see us back at Disneyland and my baby is only a day old, Milo and I are extremely antsy for another Disney run. Fine, maybe three days old ; ).

Bens Birthday campout









If you know my husband, you know his two passions in life are camping and his motorcycle. He’s been begging me to go camping my entire pregnancy but I, not being very excited to camp pregnant, always shot him down quickly. I was really struggling with ideas for his birthday knowing that when it came down to it all he would want to do is go camping. So, I decided that if I wanted to do something just for him, I would have to put my stubborn redheaded personality to the side and do it! For most pregnant women it’s no big deal to go camping 35 weeks pregnant but I’ll be honest, it’s not my favorite prego activity…

I surprised him at work with camping gear and told him we were going to go wherever his heart desired. Ben being excited was an understatement. He had been trying to get me to go for so long that just telling him we were going made my day.

We started our journey into the mountains and chose a random spot in the middle of the woods to stay the night. Immediately Ben started setting up the tent, put up a hammock and began cooking dinner. He didn’t want any help; I think he was too excited to show me his mountain man side. I loved it. The meal was amazing; he made it straight over the fire and seasoned it to perfection. Milo was in absolute heaven also, she insisted on helping dad with every task.

The night was full of laughs, hikes, candy and coyotes. Around 1am coyotes kept howling and going crazy like they had caught something causing Milo to get a little nervous. We finally convinced her they were just saying “helllllooooooo Miloooooooo”, then she loved the “puppies”. Despite a rough nights sleep (Ben decided a few Mexican blankets would work well as my bed) the night was perfect. We were away from our phones, computers, and work and were able to just focus on our family. It makes you very grateful for the outdoors. It’s safe to say I can’t wait for our next outing!


C bridge

Looking back at these photos, I’m beginning to long for another getaway.  We stayed at a beautiful, all-inclusive resort in Playa Del Carmen.  I’ve never stayed at a hotel like that before but it made the trip perfect with the all you can eat food and drinks (wood fired pizza and diet coke seemed to be our favorite), the beach, and the insanely gorgeous scenery.  You’ll see the photo of the iguana, those little guys would be running right alongside of you on the walkway and would scare the crap out of you.  I’ve never seen Ben scream and jump as high as when an iguana suddenly started moving in the bushes next to us.  Those suckers were big too!

C bp bridge

C backflip

C beach

C ben float

C ben food

C me food

C ben relax

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C boat

C coconut

C drink swim

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C iguana

C ben camera

C lounge

C make pizza

C me night

C ocean

C p lounge

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C pizza

C swim bump copy

C ben head

C us pose