Little Girls hair tutorial Episode 2 — the twisted piggys

What you need:

Elastic Hair Ties


Hi guys!  We are back with our second little girls hair tutorial!  This one we call The Twisted Piggy’s because well, you will see for yourself!

Once you get the hang of this hairdo, it will become your go to for the days you’re running out of the house.  When you are doing this style, you may want to get the hair a little wet or damp.  By doing so, it will help to be able to keep the hair together while you are styling it and will keep the hair in place better throughout the day.

If you have any questions, please comment below so I can get back to you!

Hope you enjoy!





Little Girls hair tutorial

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about putting together some fun episodes showing how I do my daughters hair.  These styles will be easy enough with directions so you can do them too!

First things first, it’s all about keeping your toddler busy while you do their hair.  Some kids are more patient than others and if you are one of those lucky parents that has an incredibly patient daughter, I’m jealous!  If you are anything like me and have to get creative just to be able to do their hair, I suggest being prepared going into it.  That may include a snack, movie, ipad, playdoh, whatever you think!

Milo and I decided to name this the Elsa braid.  It probably has a name but we didn’t know it so we came up with our own “little girl” version.  I tried to be as detailed as possible while filming but if you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments section and I can get back to you!

Here is what you need:

Clear (or color of hair) elastic bands

Hair brush (I suggest the Wet Brush)


Paige + Milo

Maskcara? I’ve got you covered!



As you all know (if you’ve been following along) is that I’ve been the biggest Maskcara fan ever since the beginning.  I tried their makeup two years ago and instantly fell in love.  I even have a tutorial I made about how to apply the makeup in a previous post.  The best part is that Cara makes contouring SO EASY.  I never thought I would be able to contour but it’s a cinch!

Here is another tutorial just to give you a better idea of how I apply my makeup each day.  I love the way that it looks and how it isn’t a heavy makeup.  I love a good natural look!  If you have any questions, want to be color matched or if you want to see a certain tutorial- please let me know!  You can email me at

Maskcara artist #1796

Find your color here: MASKCARA