CYBER MONDAY DEALS + some goodies you can’t say no to

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Happy Cyber Monday!  I think my head might explode with all of the deals going on this past weekend but it’s WORTH IT!

I rounded up some of my favorites that are happening in todays sale.  A few items are full price but I couldn’t leave them out of today’s list.

Items 2, 4, 5 are an additional 30% off with code EPIC30 making them $35 AND UNDER!

All other on sale items discounts are shown when you click their links!

Happy Shopping friends!!


Black Friday

Does Black Friday stress anyone else out? I am always so overwhelmed! The idea of a good deal sounds amazing, but the lines and figuring out where to go makes me crazy! This year, I just decided to stay home and shop my favorite stores from our couch!

Everything from Anthropologie is 30% off today! This jumpsuit is amazing!!! I’m wearing this top under, from Madewell, but you could also wear it with a sweater, like this one

This is one of my favorite sweaters from Urban Outfitters! Today, the whole store is Buy One Get One 50% off! Sounds like the best time to stock up on cute sweaters!

I’m also obsessed with this wrap dress from Urban and I want everyone to get it! You’ll thank me later!

Here are some of my favorite pieces on sale today! Just take my advice and shop from home while eating leftovers; you will NOT regret it!

one. two. three. four. five. six. seven. eight. nine. ten. eleven. twelve. thirteen. fourteen. fifteen. sixteen. seventeen.

If you are out shopping today, stay safe and share any crazy stories on my Instagram!

Shop Bodysuit here   II  Shop Denim here  II  Shop Clogs here  (save 20% by clicking “apply to cart” box that pops up when entering the site) II  Shop Similar Hat here

I came downstairs after getting ready and Milo said, “Mom! I love your outfit!  Can I take a picture?”.  Considering that she’s usually mortified by what I am wearing and telling me that I should get dressed instead of taking her to school in my pajama dress, I couldn’t pass on the opportunity.

I would say Milo did a pretty darn good job!  My husband and I are both photographers so I’m going to go ahead and assume that maybe it runs in the blood.