Raen’s Nursery Makeover

I think Raen’s room may have been my very favorite makeover yet.  By adding just a couple of paint colors and a new bookshelf it became a whole new room.

I first sketched out a couple of different options to paint and finally fell in love with one of the most simple choices.  I began by painting what I refer to as the rainbow but I didn’t love the color so I decided to start over.  I was so much happier with the new color so once that was done,  I then painted a thick strip from floor to ceiling using paint tape to make straight edges.  Once that was finished, I still felt like the walls were still too bare.  I thought about it and figured I’d add a random, big circle with the hopes that it would work out and it did!

The paint colors I used:

Large circle- Burnt Toffee in Satin in Satin finish

Strip from floor to ceiling- Honey Nougat in Satin finish

Oversized Rainbow- Beech Nut in Satin finish

If you want to see the process of the makeover, here is the video.

See below for more links!

We’ve had this CRIB for a few years now and it still looks like new.  It’s a convertible crib so it can be made into a crib or toddler bed which is nice for those growing years.

This RUG has been put through the ringer.  It’s not a washable rug but I wash it in my washing machine and have had no problems with it wearing down!

I love this simple PILLOWand this MUSTARD PILLOW for a pop of color.

This SHELF UNIT  is from IKEA and I love how it looks in Raen’s room.  I love the raw wood and having a place to put his little knick knacks.

This is the MIRROR I want to hang above Raen’s dresser.

This DIY CLAY MOBILE was one that I made a few years ago.  Check out the blog post and create your own!

I love this FAUX CACTUS.  I’ve seen it in person and it truly looks real!

Raen’s chair is no longer available but here is a similar LEATHER SLING CHAIR in white that I really like!  This CHAIR also has my heart but it’s definitely on the pricier side!

I just purchased this SLOTH BOWL to keep Raen’s binkies in.

The chair Raen is sitting on is a vintage one that I found at a market a few years ago and unfortunately haven’t been able to find a similar one!

I couldn’t find the exact LAMP but found this similar one that’s also available in pink and green.  It’s also on sale for $13.49!

This is our favorite kids SUITCASE that I forgot to put next to Raen’s crib until after taking photos.  I love the vintage look and the fun color options!

Raen’s PIGGY BANK is no longer available but here is a fun, unique one.

DEER STUFFED ANIMAL is one of my favorites, I love the little pants sewn on.


Wide-leg bottoms that only dreams are made of

I love how comfortable wide leg pants are.  I’m the type of person that will wear a pair of tight jeans and the second I’m home, rush to my room to get back into pajamas.  I’m such a sucker when it comes to comfort and wide-leg pants definitely make all of my lazy, grunge dreams come true.  I don’t feel the urge to get back into pajamas and for me that’s HUGE.

HERE is the shirt I am wearing in the above photo and HERE are the pants which just so happen to be on sale for more than half off!  I do suggest sizing down a size because they stretch a bit after being worn.  I’m so happy with these pants because I’m 5’6″ and finding a pair of wide-leg pants that aren’t too long can be hard and these fit perfectly.

Find my very favorite wide leg pants below!

Happy shopping,


My top 12 favorite loungewear bottoms


I’m the type of person that pretty much lives in pajamas.  I think I could confidently say that 80% of my life is spent in cozy clothes.  That being said, I love finding comfortable joggers, pajama pants, and loungewear that can be worn on the go without looking like, “hey, that chick is in her pajamas”.  Does that make sense?

Anyway,  here are my top picks!  HERE are the bottoms I am wearing in the above photo.  I absolutely love how soft they are and the fit.  They are good price and tone is pretty much my favorite color right now so that doesn’t hurt.

Have fun getting your cozy on!